Dum Peple Who Arenot in Collidge

Wold yuo beleave it, that stopid lee his whife she crying for yung peple who gots al nosetallgick for Old Time things thats way older than thay is and how culd thay miss somthing that thay never seen? and she says its so sad boo-hoo! that these hear yung peple missed out on beter times that wil nevver come again.

Well istnt that jist stopid! It jist gose to show how dum peple are if thay are not in collidge getting Smart . As a interllectural, i kno that those Old Times thay were horibble! No Gay Maridge, no trans Peple,  yiu culdnt get a bortion, no Rapp Musick, no Micro Agresion, and al that loesy christinitty with Churches and stuf–And hardly nobody went to collidge back then so thay was alyaws short of Interllecturals and thay didnt have noboddy smart to tel them watt to do! but then allong come The 60es and my prefesser he sayes The Country it started to wake up then and now we got way more Smart Peple.

That stopid lee he is vacuming and it makin me hongry and i founed some nice Hankerchiffs yestredday i think i wil ete them now.

6 comments on “Dum Peple Who Arenot in Collidge

  1. Seems as though we’re in a coma rather than awake. Sure would be miraculous if we had a mass awakening!

  2. By the way, Joe Collidge, do you have any plans to ask your perfesser to enroll you in any new studies that may come up regarding the plans of this administration to save the planet by having people wash their toilet paper? Recycling has reached a whole new level. You could get in on the ground floor. Another opportunity for free edjucashun.

    1. Wel, we has been washin oor toilet paper hear at collidge for a hole weeek now and i dont got the hang of it yet but my prefesser he sayes its worth the efort to Save the Planet so he got me washin his too onely it keeps faling aprat wehn i do it, try try again!!

    2. You should at least get an A for your effort. And when you’re finished there, you can wash mine. I bet there are lots of folks who would be glad to have someone else take care of that little chore.

  3. Thank goodness they not all that junk when I was young. It was going out to play and living in a safe and caring place..

    1. Yes, Ina, we played things like jump rope, kick the can, hide and go seek, jacks, pick-up sticks, hopscotch – things that children today may look sideways at. And all the neighborhood moms looked out for each others’ children. And, most of all, were God-fearing people.

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