By Request, ‘No More Night’

Here’s Morris Chapman, with No More Night, inspired by God’s promises in the Book of Revelation (“He makes all things new”). Nice way to start a Sunday.

And I think I’m caught up in my hymn requests for now, so please, folks, keep ’em coming. If you haven’t requested a hymn before, well, don’t be  bashful, anyone can do it. Just “leave a comment” at the bottom of a post, mentioning your hymn request and anything else you have a mind to say.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

3 comments on “By Request, ‘No More Night’

  1. Thanks, Lee for welcoming hymns and worship songs. One of my favorite things to do when life gets hectic and stressful is to come to the quiet room and play songs that give glory to our Lord. One of my all time favorites is
    “Rise Again” by Dallas Holm. I love it so because it shows the absolute sovereignty of the Lord in this age when HE is so denigrated by a large group of blasphemers.

  2. Praises to The Great I Am! Thank you, Lee. This is such a beautiful hymn, and Morris Chapman has a wonderfully clear voice to sing praises to Our Risen Lamb.

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