The Death Dog from ‘The Thunder King’

This is the monster Ryons and Cavall encountered on their way to Obann, as told in The Thunder King, Book 3 of my Bell Mountain series. (No, it is not about Labor & Industrial Relations: that is an error that has cost me sales!) You might want to turn down the stupid music, which adds nothing to the presentation.

I wanted to give you a video of the “knuckle-bears” seen by Jack and Ellayne at the edge of Lintum Forest, in Bell Mountain, but the only one they had on youtube was literally two seconds long.

What? You haven’t read any of these books? (He shakes his head in painted disbelief.) Well, click “Books” at the top of the page and see what you think.

3 comments on “The Death Dog from ‘The Thunder King’

  1. Hyenas have never been one of my favorite animals o begin with. These things are horrid! But at least I’ll have the picture in my mind when I start reading The Thunder King. Thanks, Lee.

    Sure wish your publisher could get that matter resolved with Amazon.

    1. Actually, this animal is not a hyena and isn’t related to hyenas: it belonged to a group that no longer exists. It was named “Hyaenodon” for its rather awesome teeth, real bone-crushers.

      Not a nice critter to run into!

  2. Thanks, Mr. Duigon. I have always wondered what some of the animals depicted in your books look like!

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