League of Women Voters Joins the Bad Guys

To complete the fundamental transformation of America, obviously the votes of illegal aliens and other non-citizens are needed–based on the premise that the legal electorate will never cast a majority vote for self-destruction. I don’t know why they won’t trust us to do that, after we went and elected Obama twice.

The subject of politics in 2016 is rapidly becoming hateful to me, but I still have a duty to report on it, so here goes.

The League of Women Voters–once a respectable organization that did a lot of people in America a lot of good–has joined with a rogues’ gallery of lefty loons in a lawsuit against the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to block it from taking steps to ensure that only American citizens vote in America’s election this year ( http://www.nationalreview.com/article/431676/obama-administration-enabling-noncitizen-voting ).

Why do they want to do that? I dunno! Why does Angela Merkel want to import another million Muslims into Germany?

The League is now partners in this lawsuit with the NAACP–they used to be good, once, long ago–and People for the American Way (lol, they gotta be kiddin’!), Common Cause, Project Vote, and Chicanos for La Causa.

Under the direction of Attorney General Loretta Lynch–you remember her: within hours of the San Bernardino mass shooting, she warned America that the FBI was ready to come down like thunder on… not mass murder, heck no… anyone who dares to say an uncomplimentary word about Islam–Justice Dept. lawyers, paid for by the American people’s taxes, are helping the left-wing extremists draw up the legal papers for the suit.

Hey, she could wind up on the Supreme Court!

Poor America–the vultures are swarming over the carcass, and even now there’s still a breath of life or two left in it.

Pray, pray, pray–it may be that God will hear us.

‘Cause I don’t know who else will save us.

5 comments on “League of Women Voters Joins the Bad Guys

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t see a mass awakening in our future. The prince of the power of the air is busy at work, knowing his time is very short, and America is deservedly under Divine Judgment. Loretta Lynch-mob would be icing on the cake for the usurper-in-chief.

    With respect to illegals voting, that’s the obvious result of a person of questionable citizenship leading our country. They really don’t need the votes of illegals anyway. They rig the whole process to install the dictator the elites have chosen.

    God help us!

  2. Well, this is another doozy. When I ponder this situation, the first thing that comes to mind is shame and sorrow with what women have become in this present culture. When thinking more deeply, I can see far-reaching tentacles of all kinds of destruction; many kinds, coming from many sources and reaching back in history for centuries. Some of my opinions are soundly rejected from every side, but I only change them based on Scripture and much prayer. His Word is hidden in my heart. Sometimes, I grieve, sometimes, find hope in spite of it all.

  3. Sigh! I weep (yes, real tears I cannot hold back) for my country. My best comfort: God is omnipotent in all areas of existance. I hope all who read this will (if they haven’t already started) join me in intercession to our only hope. I’ve started signing “Praying Dorothy) as a reminder that “when two or more are agreed, I will answer,” says our God. Thank you.

  4. And amen! Indeed I prayed this very morning for three hours, and of great concern, our nation and our need to obey II Chronicles 7:14.

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