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League of Women Voters Joins the Bad Guys

To complete the fundamental transformation of America, obviously the votes of illegal aliens and other non-citizens are needed–based on the premise that the legal electorate will never cast a majority vote for self-destruction. I don’t know why they won’t trust us to do that, after we went and elected Obama twice.

The subject of politics in 2016 is rapidly becoming hateful to me, but I still have a duty to report on it, so here goes.

The League of Women Voters–once a respectable organization that did a lot of people in America a lot of good–has joined with a rogues’ gallery of lefty loons in a lawsuit against the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to block it from taking steps to ensure that only American citizens vote in America’s election this year ( http://www.nationalreview.com/article/431676/obama-administration-enabling-noncitizen-voting ).

Why do they want to do that? I dunno! Why does Angela Merkel want to import another million Muslims into Germany?

The League is now partners in this lawsuit with the NAACP–they used to be good, once, long ago–and People for the American Way (lol, they gotta be kiddin’!), Common Cause, Project Vote, and Chicanos for La Causa.

Under the direction of Attorney General Loretta Lynch–you remember her: within hours of the San Bernardino mass shooting, she warned America that the FBI was ready to come down like thunder on… not mass murder, heck no… anyone who dares to say an uncomplimentary word about Islam–Justice Dept. lawyers, paid for by the American people’s taxes, are helping the left-wing extremists draw up the legal papers for the suit.

Hey, she could wind up on the Supreme Court!

Poor America–the vultures are swarming over the carcass, and even now there’s still a breath of life or two left in it.

Pray, pray, pray–it may be that God will hear us.

‘Cause I don’t know who else will save us.

Now I’ve Heard Everything

Hey, those guys from Al Jazeera were right! Obama really is crazy–and so is everyone that works for him.

Under our–ahem!–president, the Pentagon has ordered commanders to “prioritize climate change” in all military operations of any kind ( http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/feb/7/pentagon-orders-commanders-to-prioritize-climate-c/ ). The order requires commanders to “incorporate Climate Change impacts into plans and operations,” which is supposed to empower the U.S. military to “beat back the threat” of Global Warming/Climate Change.

What does any of this mean?

Why does it leave me with an image of a headline, “June 6, 2016: D-Day! Today, after 72 years of calculating the invasion of Europe’s impact on Climate Change, General Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered the operation to proceed–which it surely would have done, if he and almost all his men hadn’t already died of old age some years ago”? Sorry, Europe, but it just takes so blamed long to figure out all the angles of this Global Warming stuff…

Bunker Hill, 2016: “Don’t fire until you can see the whites of their eyes! And not until after you’ve worked out all the Climate Change impacts of each bullet fired…”

Is our nation really expected to survive such… leadership? I see defensive positions being overrun and the men hacked to pieces while some overburdened second lieutenant tries to figure out what his orders mean. “Do we fight or do we run away? Shoot or not shoot? Man, I don’t wanna get court-martialed because I didn’t prioritize the Climate Change!”

Inertia will keep us alive a little longer. But you  can’t be crazy forever. Sooner or later it’ll catch up with you. And it’s gonna be a bad day when it does.


Our Leaders Are Insane

Here are some of the lads of the Islamic State, which our country’s leaders insist is not Islamic, preparing to murder a few more victims. Do they wear those masks to disguise the fact that they’re really Methodists?

This week a thug in Philadelphia tried to assassinate a police officer. After his arrest, he told police that he had done it in the name of Islam, because, as he put it, American policemen defend laws that go against the teachings of the Koran, against “shari’a law” ( http://abcnews.go.com/US/man-accused-shooting-philly-cop-confessed-committing-act/story?id=36169588 ). The perp also confessed to having pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, ISIS.

So that’s what the man said. That was his motive. And it only took a few minutes for the Politically Correct mayor of Philadelphia to throw the motive out the window. Nope, nosireebob, said the mayor, that incident had “nothing to do with Islam.” Motive, schmotive. Not a blessed thing.

But President *Batteries Not Included has repeatedly declared that the Islamic State is not Islamic–I wonder why they call it “the Islamic State,” then–and Hillary the Hun, slated to be our next president if God is really mad at us, declares that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism.

Hours after the San Bernardino mass shooting, perpetrated by a pair of self-ordained Moslem terrorists, our U.S. Attorney General sprang into action–she swore she’d pounce on anyone trying to practice Islamophobia (another imaginary “problem” feared by liberals). Apparently saying discouraging words about Islam is worse than killing people.

Are the leaders of our country, of our cities, quite insane?

If by “insane” you mean “completely oblivious to reality, uninfluenced by events, and blind and deaf and unresponsive to anything that does not conform to their ideological picture of the world,” then yes–they are as mad as hatters.

Please don’t ask me to explain the American Left’s infatuation with radical Islam. It’s insane.

Our entire ruling class needs to be replaced as soon as possible, before they finish destroying our country.

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