By Request, ‘Guilty’!

Here you go, Allison–you requested this rock ’em, sock ’em Christian song, and you’ve got it: Guilty, by the Newsboys.

Are we prepared to stand up for Jesus Christ Our Lord–as Peter and John did, when the Sanhedrin ordered them to stop preaching in His name?

Maybe if a lot more of us had been willing to be judged “Guilty!” years ago, our country would not be in the shameful and ridiculous position in which she finds herself today.

4 comments on “By Request, ‘Guilty’!

  1. I fully agree with you there. We have been far too wimpy, afraid to “offend” and have allowed our society to fall into the pit.
    Another great praise song is “All the Glory” by Carroll Roberson. A good reminder to us all.

  2. Amen! May we all stand guilty! Thank you, Lee, and thank you, Allison, for requesting this. I’ve never heard it before but it certainly applies to these days we live in. Guilty, indeed!

  3. Lee, if you have no hymn in mind for morning, I do have a request: ‘There Is A Redeemer’ by Keith Green. Thank you, kind sir.

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