Do Famous People Read This Blog?


Oops, her picture came out bigger than I expected. I’ll never figure out this technology.

Nationally syndicated columnist Peggy Noonan has a piece in The Wall Street Journal, “Trump and the Rise of the Unprotected” ( ), which sounds an awful lot like some of the stuff I’ve posted here lately, for instance yesterday, The War on Normal People ( ).

Does that mean she’s reading this blog and echoing its posts?

Nah. It only means certain ideas are so flaming obvious, they’re now occurring to a lot of different people all at once.

It’s true: the ruling classes of the Western world are totally insulated from the baneful effects of their wicked, foolish public policies. It’s the normal people, “the unprotected,” who have to live with this and pay for it. And pay, and pay, and pay!

To quote Thomas Jefferson, “I tremble for my nation, when I reflect that God is just.”

And for those of you who wish to shave down the impact of the quote because Jefferson, you say, was a deist, not a Christian, hey–the point was so obvious, even a deist could see it.

God never lets this stuff go on forever.

That’s His mercy.

3 comments on “Do Famous People Read This Blog?

  1. As you say, some things are obvious if one uses the God-given ability to think. It is kind of like the way I am surprised when I read a book written by a famous Bible scholar and find my own ideas expressed almost ver batim. Well, we who study the Scriptures are all led by the same Holy Spirit.

  2. Well, if there are no famous people reading this blog, maybe they should start. It just may help them with the distorted world view presented by the snooze media. And maybe, just maybe, they would hear a word from The Lord.

  3. Amen, Linda. There are none so smart or famous that there is not something more to learn. We all need to remain teachable.

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