Encore, ‘He Hideth My Soul’

I love this hymn, and I think it would be good to start the day with it. Actually I started my day with vacuuming, but this is a better start.

I have just about learned how to play this on the harmonica. My favorite hymn to play is Hyfrydol–my uncle’s little Marine Band harmonica might have been specifically made to play that hymn.

Keep those hymn requests coming, folks–I’m all caught up. And if you haven’t yet requested a hymn, well, come on in!

2 comments on “Encore, ‘He Hideth My Soul’

  1. Thank you, Lee. Earlier this morning, I went to the archive to listen again to ‘Sometimes Alleluia’ to start my day since my daughter was picking me up early to have brunch and do some shopping. She’s so sweet to help me with my grocery shopping. She knows how difficult it is for me.

    Here’s another request: ‘Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God’.

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