They Were Supposed to Protect Us!

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In the Declaration of Independence, our country’s founding document, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

So we set up organizations like the Central Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Agency, to protect us from our enemies. While I was growing up, I was taught that the CIA and the NSA were there to protect us from the communists–the Soviet Union, in particular. We trusted them to protect us.

Now what do they do?

Spy on us. Tamper with our elections. They protect America from Americans. They don’t protect us from communists anymore; they’ve become the communists. They’ve evolved from protectors into predators. A former NSA and CIA director wants to deport us to Afghanistan for supporting President Trump. And some toad in the Justice Dept. wanted to force all small business operators to sign a “pledge” defending the 2020 election as fair and just and pure as the driven snow.

It’s hard to shake off the impression that we are now governed by persons who don’t particularly like us and don’t care whether they have our consent or not. They don’t strike me as the kind of governmental agencies Jefferson had in mind when he wrote the Declaration.

They ought to be working to earn our trust.

Because once it’s lost, it won’t be coming back.

‘You Heard It from a Noozie: Man Is God’ (2015)

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Please just go away. Both of you.

Good grief. Have the Cuomo brothers really been vexing us for only five years? It feels more like forty.

Here we have the brother who’s a noozie postulating that our rights come to us by gift of the state, instead of by the sovereign grace of God.

You Heard It from a Noozie: Man is God

The brother who’s governor of New York is in very hot water these days. Is there any way to retire both of them at once?

Anyway, that much statism is totally incompatible with Christianity.

‘By Order of the Governor’

Governor: Plan to reopen New Mexico economy 'complicated' | KRQE News 13

Are you getting as tired of these signs as I am? “By order of the governor.” You’re only supposed to see that after your country gets conquered by a foreign enemy.

Or a domestic enemy.

I am hampered by an inability to understand or relate to an unquenchable lust for power over other people–the dominant characteristic of all leftids. Especially when they already have lots and lots of power! As for grinding us down to take our wealth–well, how much wealthier does John Kerry or Bill Gates need to be? They’re already wealthy! You can only spend so much of it before you die.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! COVID-19, man! They can’t let us live like human beings because King Virus is gonna kill everybody dead–except, of course, if you’re out there to riot. As long as you’re setting fire to cars, looting stores, and beating people up because Black Lives Matter, the Doomsday Virus will pass right over you. (See? Toldja! Leftism must always parody a real religion. Here we have the virus sparing or “passing over” rioters–a parody of the Jewish Passover.)

On Nov. 3, Election Day, we have a chance to put a stop to this. Smash the Democrat Party in the election–not just beat ’em: smash ’em, put ’em out of ;business–and we have a chance to rediscover what government by normal people looks like. Put the fear into all politicians who think we exist for them to feed on. Because it’s not healthy, for government to hold the people in contempt! As Thomas Jefferson said, when the government fears the people, you have liberty; but when the people fear the government, you have tyranny.

They’ve used fear of the virus to scare us into submission.

But it’s getting old fast.

Time to put the fear back where it belongs–in the breasts of politicians.

Lib Ideology in a Single Sentence

See the source image

In case you missed it earlier today, we stumbled over a quote from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (not his real name) which sums up today’s Far Left Crazy ideology in a single sentence. By “Far Left Crazy” I mean Democrat.

Here’s what the one-time Sandinista wannabe told New York magazine in 2017 (Sept. 4 issue):

“If I had my druthers, a very, very powerful government would determine your day-to-day reality.”

Let that sink in for a minute. What do you think, oh, George Washington would have to say about that sentiment? And would Thomas Jefferson say it was time again to water the tree of liberty?

Where did we get these out-and-out loonies, too damned many of whom are actually in public office–and how, how, how do we get rid of them? I mean, do we even suspect what de Blasio’s notion of “day-to-day reality” is? Do we truly want to know that? With H.P. Lovecraft unavailable, who would be able to write it down?

At rather horrifying speed, the whole Democrat Party is morphing into this.

If you voted for even one Democrat in last year’s elections, shame on you! And never, never, never do it again.

Facebook: Declaration of Independence ‘Hate Speech’

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Facebook celebrated America’s founding by ruling our founding document “hate speech” (

A small-town newspaper was posting the Declaration of Independence, piece by piece, a day at a time, until Facebook scrubbed the last post–which was the Declaration’s charges against King George III, which included the charge of inciting “merciless Indian savages” of making war on Colonial civilians–quite a sore point in 1776.

Facebook’s censorship was executed by its computer algorithms, an exercise in Artificial Mindlessness. The robots couldn’t appreciate the historical context of Thomas Jefferson’s statement.

After a day of public protests and complaints, Facebook caved and restored the post.

The robots have the excuse of being mindless. Liberals, who say such things on purpose, don’t. If I only had a nickel for every leftid who called the Declaration of Independence “hate speech,” I could buy Facebook and adjust its attitude.

They can’t even sort of like America on the Fourth of July.

Just another bit of that Great Blue Wave that’s supposed to sweep these anti-American schmendricks back into power in November.

Do Famous People Read This Blog?


Oops, her picture came out bigger than I expected. I’ll never figure out this technology.

Nationally syndicated columnist Peggy Noonan has a piece in The Wall Street Journal, “Trump and the Rise of the Unprotected” ( ), which sounds an awful lot like some of the stuff I’ve posted here lately, for instance yesterday, The War on Normal People ( ).

Does that mean she’s reading this blog and echoing its posts?

Nah. It only means certain ideas are so flaming obvious, they’re now occurring to a lot of different people all at once.

It’s true: the ruling classes of the Western world are totally insulated from the baneful effects of their wicked, foolish public policies. It’s the normal people, “the unprotected,” who have to live with this and pay for it. And pay, and pay, and pay!

To quote Thomas Jefferson, “I tremble for my nation, when I reflect that God is just.”

And for those of you who wish to shave down the impact of the quote because Jefferson, you say, was a deist, not a Christian, hey–the point was so obvious, even a deist could see it.

God never lets this stuff go on forever.

That’s His mercy.

You Heard It from a Noozie: Man is God

In case you missed it last week, noozie Chris Cuomo publicly stated that we get our rights not from God who created us, but from man ( ).

He made this grotesque remark in an interview with Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, in which he tried to overthrow Moore’s argument that marriage is ordained by God to consist of a man and a woman. Judge Moore is a great man. Chris, the brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the son of former Gov. Mario Cuomo–who famously postulated that a Christian politician need not, in his public policy, be guided by Christian morality–is a noozie, which these days is a shameful thing to be. He is also an ignoramus, running straight up against Thomas Jefferson: who wrote, in The Declaration of Independence,

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…

“Inalienable,” for those who can’t do adult crossword puzzles, means not for sale, cannot be given away, cannot be taken away: these are rights that are inherent in our status as human beings.

I leave it to you whether this noozie is a pagan. But if he isn’t, I daresay there’s something very deficient in his grasp of Christian doctrine.

What man can give, man can take away. The noozies are comfortable with that now because their favorite progs and libs control the state. They ought to bear in mind Plutarch’s observation that tyranny is a nice, high perch, but there’s no safe way down from it.