Feds Want to Know if You’re Depressed

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has recommended mandatory screening for depression for all Americans ( https://psychiatricnews.wordpress.com/2016/02/08/homeeditorialsmandatory-depression-screening-is-a-depressing-thought-gold-silver-prices-gold-silver-prices-in-my-commentsfollowed-authorsfollowed-commentatorsmy-profilemy-alerts-po/ ).

All 300-plus million of us? Of course. Private insurance companies can be forced to pay for it. Pretty soon, no more private insurance companies.

Mandatory? Well, now, really–what’s the point of being in the government, if you can’t make your little crotchets mandatory for everyone?

And if they find out you’re depressed, why, there’s no telling what they’ll do to you! They will be limited only by the extent of their wicked imaginations.

You see what kind of people have your country’s fate in their hands.

Pray, repent, pray, repent: it may be God will hear, and heal our land. And we won’t have people like this running the show anymore.

5 comments on “Feds Want to Know if You’re Depressed

  1. The insanity of the progs and libs never ceases to amaze. And yet, they’re the only ones who don’t realize they’re insane, all the while foisting it on the rest of us. Come, Lord Jesus!

  2. This begs the question; what can they do about it. There are treatments for depression, but no cures. Depression can be a response to life events and transitory or it can be chronic. Persons whom are depressed are not insane, both Lincoln and Kennedy are thought to have suffered from depression. People whom met Lincoln were frequently struck by his sadness, yet he was an amazingly effective leader.

  3. It looks like a lot of people prayed and repented because Hillary Clinton was denied the Presidency and the ability to appoint Supreme Court justices. If she had won, maybe they would make it a universal rule you have to smile at everyone you encounter or else off to the reeducation camp.

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