Mystery of the Macclesfield Flying Man: Solved?

Hey! Remember this crazy story from 2014? Pilots bringing in an Airbus for a landing at Macclesfield Airport in Manchester, England, saw a “flying man” whiz by their airplane and nobody could explain it ( ).

Well, I was watching a Murdoch Mysteries episode today that featured a man in a gliding suit. Curious as to whether such a thing had ever existed, I looked it up–and found that a suit just like it had been invented in the 1990s and has lately evolved into a sport for crazy people ( . ).

Based on the description of what was seen from the cabin of the Airbus, it seems likely that the “flying man” was a man in a gliding suit, indulging in his sport.

Now all we have to do is figure out how he got up there in the first place. No one spotted a balloon, and there aren’t any high cliffs in the vicinity.

I know, I know–you can’t wait to run out and buy one for yourself. It’s cooler than hang-gliding!

But don’t fly past any airplanes. You might freak out the pilot.

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