By Request, ‘Rejoice in the Lord’

Let’s start the day with Rejoice in the Lord, by Ron Hamilton, requested by Linda. This song echoes the lesson taught throughout the Bible, for instance in Hebrews 12, “For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth” (v. 6). Or as one old-time preacher put it, “You ain’t done much tribulatin’ yet.”

Not that we want to do any today!

4 comments on “By Request, ‘Rejoice in the Lord’

  1. God is in control. Trials are His testing ground and He is proving His army. When things look bleak and life seems difficult, look up. Trust in The Lord with all your might. Redemption draws near. Thank you, Lee.

  2. Lee, I just left my ‘Bell Mountain’ review on Amazon. My Amazon reviewer name is Itty.

    1. Linda, thank you so much for that review! I don’t know why, probably the lack of advertising is the culprit, but getting people to read these books is like pulling teeth. My sales are always microscopic.

      You’ve done your part, though–and I very much appreciate it.

    2. Thank you for writing them! What a treasure! And praise God for your gift!

      My only problem now is having to wait to continue the adventure. But I’m happy where it left off – just enough to satisfy, but tugging for the next chapter. 🙂

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