The Unforgettable Soupy Sales

Remember this guy? Soupy Sales, the legendary kids’ TV comic of the 1950s and 60s, was truly off the wall.

Here he is in 1993, recalling a live TV stunt he pulled in 1965 which got him kicked off the air–telling children to send him “those green pieces of paper” found in Mom’s pocketbook or Dad’s wallet.

So they did!

Soupy, you were one of a kind.

3 comments on “The Unforgettable Soupy Sales

  1. Hilarious! Soupy Sales – another blast from the past! I can’t say I remember this skit, but I sure do remember Soupy 🙂 Comedy was so different then – it was actually funny.

  2. Right you are, Linda. Back then, we could afford to allow our children to
    watch TV without worrying about corrupting influences.

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