The Dirtiest Political Ad Ever

It’s true that the 2016 presidential campaign is shaping up to be one of the dirtiest ever, what with all the filth being thrown at Donald Trump, for one. And wait’ll he starts throwing it back. But many of you are too young to have experienced the 1964 campaign pitting President Lyndon Johnson against Senator Barry Goldwater; and so you missed this, which may well be the dirtiest, most low-down political ad ever shown on TV.

Here we have the Johnson campaign blatantly suggesting that if Goldwater is elected, he will start a nuclear war which will kill the poor little girl and everybody else, ka-boom, game over. So vote for LBJ if you want to live!

And of course they wound up so disgusted with LBJ and his handling of the Vietnam War that he had to step down rather than get knocked down at the 1968 Democrat convention.

4 comments on “The Dirtiest Political Ad Ever

  1. How many people do you suppose are influenced by the dirty tricks of campaign ads? My guess is – too many. That’s why they spend such obscene amounts of money on them. They’re usually either outright lies or the truth is spun so far out that it’s unrecognizable. Unfortunately, for ‘we, the people’ there isn’t much integrity in politics, so it appears not much has changed over the years. And indoctrination started way back when. Remember the nuclear fallout drills in school where they made us get under our desks? – as if that would help!

    I don’t look forward to the mud-slinging that’s about to start.

    Disgust doesn’t seem to be a strong enough word.

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