The Great Beast from ‘The Thunder King’

As long as I’m reading The Thunder King, I thought I’d treat you to this video clip from Walking With Prehistoric Beasts, featuring the mountain-sized animal that rescued Ryons from the “death dog,” aka hyaenodon.

Don’t mind them calling it “Indricotherium.” They’re always changing the name. I stick with the old name that it had when I was a boy, “Baluchitherium.” Whatever we call it, this baby was the largest land mammal that ever lived–and the one that Ryons met was the biggest of them all.

Marvel at the work of God’s hands, and rejoice in it.

10 comments on “The Great Beast from ‘The Thunder King’

  1. Thanks, Lee! It’s good to see some of the creatures in your books since some of them must be purely imagination. I’d like to see Jandra’s weird pet but that one will probably remain in my imagination 🙂

    1. That would be great – especially since I would never have guessed it was ever a real creature!

      Also, here’s a link to an awesome video I came across a couple of years ago, and while it has nothing to do with prehistoric animals, it’s absolutely breathtaking. Maybe your ‘Mr.Nature’ readers would enjoy it. I’m sure you would!

    2. Okay, found a bird for you.
      Unfortunately, the link in your comment is not clickable. What’s the video about? If I know, I might be able to find it on youtube.

    3. Wow! How they managed to film this, I can’t imagine.

      King Ryons’ faithful hawk, Angel, has a very major role in Book No. 8, “The Temple.”

    4. My next ‘to do’ list is to obtain 6, 7 and 8. I’m anxious to read them! Angel had a good role toward the end of ‘The Fugitive Prince’ too. I’m telling everyone I know about your Bell Mountain Series, Lee, and I can’t praise them enough.

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