Feminist Political Ecology, the Key to All Knowledge

It’s not enough to apply feminist political ecology to the scientific study of glacial melt, as suggested recently by a schlemozzle at the University of Oregon, for which Uncle Sam paid him some $400,000 ( http://leeduigon.com/2016/03/09/when-irresistible-humbug-meets-immovable-crapola/ ). Indeed, all fields of knowledge need a good dose of feminist political ecology, according to former big-league baseball player Wally Schang, now a professor of Intellectual Studies at Sorehead State University.

“If we’d a had feminist political ecology when I was playin’ ball, we wouldn’t of come in last, all them years,” said Professor Schang.

But what, exactly, is feminist political ecology?

“Well, now, that there’s a easy one to answer,” said Schang. “It’s a feminist perspective on political ecology, drawing on theories from post-structuralism, feminist geography, and cultural ecology–”

Whoa! Feminist geography? What the dickens is that?

“Oh, we use different maps with different names on ’em, and the continents are in kinda different places,” the professor explained.

“Now, a big part of this is linkin’ gender hierarchy with environmental degradation. More feminism, less degradation. I remember once, back in ’16, I was tryin’ to explain that to Connie Mack and he just hit me over the head with my own catcher’s mask. Things was less open-minded, a hundred years ago.”

Sorehead State is planning to establish a full Dept. of Feminist Political Ecology, Schang continued, but until that can be arranged, the Dept. of Intellectual Studies will continue to offer courses in Feminist Political Ecology, with extra credit awarded for shrieking and screaming.

“Our big project right now is tryin’ to help Hillary Clinton get elected president,” Schang said. “Heck, I used to vote for guys like Big Bill Taft and Harding; but ever since that big piece of my brain fell out in 1977, my mind has been just right.

“We can’t get folks to have their brains surgically removed. But I reckon sendin’ ’em here to Sorehead State’s the next best thing.”

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  1. Hey, Joe Collidge, step right up! Maybe you should attend this university – seems like it’s right up your alley! Wonder if Hil-liar-y would be interested, too.

  2. So much great wisdom floating around, it makes for dizziness and a great desire for the return of the Lord. Only He could straighten out a mess like this. Are there Martians and Uranians among us now?

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