By Request, ‘There’s Something About That Name’

Here are the Maranatha Singers, with There’s Just Something About That Name.

I read this song has been used as a lullaby. No baby is too young to hear and learn to love the name of Jesus! That was one thing my family did right. I used to love leafing through my father’s old Bible that he had when he was just a little boy, with the sepia-tinted photos of life in the Holy Land.

Now, then, everybody, I take hymn requests from all readers, but you’re letting Linda and Erlene do 90% of the work. So step right up, don’t be shy, and ask for one of your favorite hymns today. (Gee, I sound like I’m selling soap. Sorry about that!)


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3 responses to “By Request, ‘There’s Something About That Name’

  • Linda Sorci

    Thank you, Lee, This hymn has such a soothing affect on the soul. It’s easy to see why it could be a lullaby, and you’re so right – children are never too young to get acquainted with Our Lord.

  • Linda Sorci

    Just stopped by to have another listen while my ginger peach tea is brewing, and to place another request: ‘And Can it be That I should Gain’

  • Erlene Talbott

    Wonderful old song, brings tears to my eyes. There is another song that just came to mind- I Then Shall Live by Gaither it carries a great, strong message.

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