By Request, ‘There’s Something About That Name’

Here are the Maranatha Singers, with There’s Just Something About That Name.

I read this song has been used as a lullaby. No baby is too young to hear and learn to love the name of Jesus! That was one thing my family did right. I used to love leafing through my father’s old Bible that he had when he was just a little boy, with the sepia-tinted photos of life in the Holy Land.

Now, then, everybody, I take hymn requests from all readers, but you’re letting Linda and Erlene do 90% of the work. So step right up, don’t be shy, and ask for one of your favorite hymns today. (Gee, I sound like I’m selling soap. Sorry about that!)


3 comments on “By Request, ‘There’s Something About That Name’

  1. Thank you, Lee, This hymn has such a soothing affect on the soul. It’s easy to see why it could be a lullaby, and you’re so right – children are never too young to get acquainted with Our Lord.

  2. Just stopped by to have another listen while my ginger peach tea is brewing, and to place another request: ‘And Can it be That I should Gain’

  3. Wonderful old song, brings tears to my eyes. There is another song that just came to mind- I Then Shall Live by Gaither it carries a great, strong message.

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