Harvard Debate: Whites Should Kill Themselves

Racial harmony would be nice, but liberals will never permit it.

Just so you can be sure as to where nearly eight years of presidential race-baiting has taken America–

At a recent  national debate contest held at Harvard “University,” the two black students on one team contended that “white life is wrong” and must “never be affirmed,” and when the two white liberal chuckleheads on the other team begged to be allowed to make up for their “white privilege,” it was suggested that all whites–all white males, at least–could do this by killing themselves ( https://lockerdome.com/6895118150158401/8561954021349652 ).

Bill Clinton’s legacy was oral sex.

Obama’s legacy is racial hatred.

Do we want any more Democrat presidents? Ever?

Oh, and let us clarify the definition: “white privilege” is the privilege of paying for everything and being blamed for everything.

Brought to you by the Democrat Party.

4 comments on “Harvard Debate: Whites Should Kill Themselves

  1. So, all whites should kill themselves. What an intelligent idea. But, wait,
    who is going to support the remainder of the population? Woops, maybe not, just make slaves of the whites…oh, wait, that is already happening, so why are you not happy yet?

    1. Libs are never happy. If they’re this upset when they’re getting everything they want, imagine their mood if they ever start losing.

  2. Maybe their debate should have been about the racism of Margaret Sanger and her genocidal intention in Planned Parenthood. Instead, they rally in support of that murderous organization.

    As for these debaters, as I’ve said, words fail me. Group-think, otherwise known as indoctrination, has overtaken a once-thinking, God-fearing nation. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.

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