Denver Pol Pushes Special Tax on White-Owned Businesses

Candi CdeBaca — LPAC

Grinning as she contemplates another racial penalty

How the dickens is this still America, if you can be compelled to pay higher taxes because your skin is the wrong color?

It’s white liberals’ America. Well, white-ish. Or should we say “brownish”? But then we’re not libs so we don’t obsess over skin pigmentation.

Whatever she is, Candi CdeBaca [sorry about the name, I know it looks like gibberish], a member of the Denver City Council, is pushing for higher taxes on white business owners as “a form of reparations” which she and her playmates can “redistribute” to Persons Of Color and their businesses ( Rob the one to give to the other.

Did “equal protection of the law” fall off the top of the bus on our way to Denver? How is this anything but a penalty levied for no other reason but that of race? “We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution.”

Apparently Ms. Gibberish is in trouble with black voters as she pursues her re-election to the council. Actually, I don’t care why they’re mad at her: one pandering hypocrite goes, two take her place. Looks like she’s doubled down on pandering. Buying votes, as it were.

People like this really do give representative government a bad name.

Governed by People Who Hate Us

Red Salamander Facts and Pictures

I’m not going to bother with this jerk’s picture. Here’s a nice red salamander instead.

[Gee, I’m getting tired of the nooze! It’s, like, all the same story.]

The Dept. of Defense’s “chief of diversity and inclusion officer” is going to be (heh-heh) “investigated” by the Pentagon for her anti-white tweets ( What do you want to bet they’ll find “nothing wrong here”–as usual?

The jidrool in question said, “This lady [a white woman] actually had the CAUdacity to say that black people can be racist, too. I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS…”

“CAUdacity” means “Caucasian audacity,” all that “white privilege” jazz, and “Karen” is a derogatory term for a white woman.

So we are governed by people who really have it in for us–how did that happen? “Represented” by people who detest us. “Public servants” who despise the public. And it just goes on and on and on, no end in sight. We don’t seem to know how to get rid of them. They just take our tax dollars and abuse us.

Any prospect of a general housecleaning seems very distant in the future.

Dem Senate Candidate (We Quote): ‘Treat Them People Like S***’

At least two Democrat candidates for Congress in South Carolina have asked their party’s U.S. Senate candidate to step down–after Project Veritas caught her saying what she actually thinks of the people she wants to represent (

Warning: Nooze clip contains carloads of cuss words and vulgarity… because that’s how she talks.

Krystle Matthews says white people “gotta be treated like s***” because “it’s the only way they respect you.” Not that she’s exactly awed by black voters, either. According to Matthews, “I talk white s*** to white voters and black s*** to blacks.” But! “Regardless of race, I love everybody.” We are at liberty to disbelieve this.

Remember when the Senate used to be a place famous for its dignity? Probably that’s always been a lie. It was a given that a certain number of clowns and dingbats would populate the House of Representatives… but not the Senate! Please, no, not the Senate!

Sorry, kid. Senate’s got ’em, too.

Look, I’m from New Jersey, it’s a glass house so I’m not throwing stones. But do the voters of South Carolina really, truly, want this caricature to represent them in the Senate?

How to Stop the Hate? ‘Kill the White Man’

1,378 Guillotine Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

I can’t satirize this. It satirizes itself.

Euro-fatheads held an online conference on “hate speech”; and a self-proclaimed “anti-hate” group in Portugal suggested how they can put an end to hate.

You guessed it! “Kill the white man” (

This pearl of wisdom was dropped by some guy from Senegal–presumably a Black paradise because it’s in Africa–who immigrated to a white European country, Portugal. Presumably a hell-hole.

Why did he do that? Would you move to a country inhabited by people whom you believe ought to be killed?

And… surprise! This jerk’s “anti-hate” group is in bed with… George Soros! Maybe that’s not such a surprise.

Now–is anybody out there still dumb enough not to know that when leftids talk about “wiping out hate,” what they mean is wiping out you? And anybody else who isn’t them.

Quick quiz: When was the last time you heard a lefty accused of hate speech? I rest my case.

‘Black Press Only’

See the source image

Imagine a public meeting to discuss the upcoming mayoral election in a major city–a meeting open to “white press only,” white as in caucasian, no blacks allowed.

Can you even imagine the growling and howling and gnashing of teeth? Oh, man! End o’ the world!

But this is exactly what they did, a few days ago, in Savannah, Georgia ( The sign on the door said “Black press only,” and no white reporters were allowed inside to cover the meeting.

The current mayor and several other city officials attended this blacks-only-all-other-races-keep-out-this-means-you event. Hmm… If a white mayor attended a whites-only event, think the whole nooze media would be after his scalp?  There’d be leftids rolling on the sidewalk, screaming.

Go ahead–explain why these jerks in Savannah aren’t racists. I triple-dog dare you.

D.C. Dem Says Jewish Bankers Made It Snow

See the source image

Washington D.C. Councilman Trayon White Sr., a Democrat whose election was supported by “progressive” (Far Left) Jewish voters, said a recent snowstorm was caused by the Jewish banking family, the Rothschilds, “controlling the weather… to own the cities” (

To help this Democrat cover his tracks, the Washington Post article, to which I am unable to link, devoted more than half its space to attacking Far Right conspiracy theorists.

After everyone in the world came down on him like a ton of bricks, Councilman White, Democrat, sort of apologized. Said he, “I did not intend to be anti-Semitic.” [Two-minute laugh break]

Is this Jewish banker thing part of the Settled Science that makes Climbit Change immune from questioning? We’ve also heard it’s caused by SUVs, eating meat, breathing, using more than one sheet of toilet paper per visit to the john, air conditioning, sandwiches, and trying to ape the living standards of our betters.

Meanwhile… why would anybody in his right might want to “own the cities”?

Prof Wants All White People to Pay ‘Reparations’ for Slavery

Image result for images of wealthy liberal college prof

I find it rather hard to empathize with Georgetown U. Sociology Prof. Michael Dyson. He has a tenured position. I don’t. He will have a nice pension when he retires. I won’t. He probably owns a home. I don’t.

And yet he thinks I should pay him my money as “reparations” for slavery that ended in America 150 years ago. He has never been a slave, I have never owned a slave (or even met one, or known anyone who’d ever seen one), but I have to pay.

Over my dead body, sunshine.

I missed this story when it came out in January. Dyson has recommended that white people–he has not defined “white,” which may keep people of mixed racial ancestry (that is, most of us) on tenterhooks–ought to set up “Individual Reparations Accounts” to pay back people who have never been slaves for slavery that ended 150 years ago. ( )

This, he says, is not so much to grab money that the recipients never worked for as to “force white people to confront their own privilege and consider why you possess what you possess.” Then again, he looks forward to receiving other people’s money. “I ain’t turning down $25 million,” says the Ph. D.

I confess I find it hard to imagine the mental landscape of any individual so wanting in honesty, fairness, decency, and self-respect. If he had a little more integrity, he’d be a mugger.

Those who send their sons and daughters to Georgetown ought to be ashamed of themselves. They’re paying this freeloader’s salary and pension.

I really don’t see how “white privilege” or “systemic racism” or the Bossa Nova kept him out of an extremely comfortable and secure position. Do you?

Harvard Debate: Whites Should Kill Themselves

Racial harmony would be nice, but liberals will never permit it.

Just so you can be sure as to where nearly eight years of presidential race-baiting has taken America–

At a recent  national debate contest held at Harvard “University,” the two black students on one team contended that “white life is wrong” and must “never be affirmed,” and when the two white liberal chuckleheads on the other team begged to be allowed to make up for their “white privilege,” it was suggested that all whites–all white males, at least–could do this by killing themselves ( ).

Bill Clinton’s legacy was oral sex.

Obama’s legacy is racial hatred.

Do we want any more Democrat presidents? Ever?

Oh, and let us clarify the definition: “white privilege” is the privilege of paying for everything and being blamed for everything.

Brought to you by the Democrat Party.