How ‘The Last Banquet’ Was Born

As I try to prepare myself to write another book, once the Lord provides me with a beginning of some kind, by re-reading all the previous books in my Bell Mountain series, I’ve just about finished Book No. 4, The Last Banquet.

That book had its genesis in a most unusual and vivid dream that I had, one night.

I dreamed of a teenage girl living in Iceland, a thousand years ago, who one fine morning had a desire to go fishing. She took her father’s boat and went out on the water. She caught a couple of nice cod, but then something very big and very strong bit down on her hook and made a fight of it. She needed all her strength and all her skill just to keep it on the line, and was concentrating so hard on doing it that she never noticed the sky filling up with storm clouds.

Finally her line broke, and so did the storm. Darkness and heavy rain blinded her. Ferocious winds seized the boat and made it race across the waves. There was nothing she could do to turn it. At any moment she expected to be sunk and drowned.

How long the storm held her, I couldn’t say. But just when it seemed it was going to go on forever, it stopped. The sea grew still as glass. Thick fog covered everything. The boat was full of water, having sprung several leaks. She fought to bail out the water, but it was a losing battle.

And then the fog was whisked away, and the sun came out.

And the girl stood up in her boat and looked on wonders that she never could have imagined–great, towering buildings all along the shore.

Modern buildings.


And that dream, with very few details of it modified, became the first chapter of The Last Banquet; and the girl, Gurun, is featured on the cover of Book No. 7, The Glass Bridge.

I just absolutely love this aspect of my work!

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  1. Wow, Lee! I thought I was reading the book again! Seems like God has a way of giving you stories in dreams. What a blessing!

    1. Yes, I remember being surprised when you told us during your interview with Grant. That’s why this is so cool! Maybe God will give you another dream for your next episode. 🙂

  2. I wish I had dreams that vivid that I could remember later on. Usually when I wake up, any logic that seemed to hold the dream together fades away and I’m left with some seriously crazy stuff.

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