Now for Something Really Despicable!

I have just received a phone call–interrupting my search for a morning hymn–with a recorded message that went something like this:

“This is the call-back you requested after you saw the television commercial for our E-Z Acme Back Brace…”

Hmm… We don’t have television in our home, and thus we never see commercials, and we couldn’t have seen a commercial for anyone’s back brace. And truly, not if you put a gun to my head, or a knife to my back, would I ever, ever call the toll-free number to inquire about something I saw in a commercial. And I would see myself shot out of a cannon before I ever requested a call-back.

So, you see, the whole thing was just a big fat lie.

If this isn’t as low as it gets, I don’t know what is. Clearly this marketing technique, this scam, this bit of skulduggery, is aimed at elderly persons who may not be tracking too well and who may even be brought to believe they actually did request a call-back.

This is not to be confused with the robo-call we get every single day informing us that we have just won another free cruise on the S.S. Puke-Yer-Guts-Out.

Once upon a time in New Jersey we had a “Do Not Call” law that protected us from such annoying phone calls. It seems to have fallen into disuse. Maybe some poor idealist in the capitol thought it wouldn’t be needed anymore, that common decency would restrain the scam artists.

Well, it doesn’t restrain the big predators, so why should it restrain the jackals?

7 comments on “Now for Something Really Despicable!

  1. This is just one more reason why older people are exhibiting more and more symptoms of the “mental diseases” such as alzheimers and parkinsons. As if the ordinary problems of every day life in this confused society where uncaring and untrained “employees” handle business affairs were not enough, now the types of calls you describe are being allowed to further confuse, irritate and waste the time of people who just would like to enjoy their retirement time. It is despicable indeed.

  2. The scam artists will stop at nothing since they have no conscience, no moral compass. The only things that drive them are money, power and self-interest.

    We have a rule in our house: if your number is not in our contact list, we don’t answer the call. Also, if you insist on calling with a ‘private’ number, your call is also unanswered. For those unfortunate enough to answer a telephone sales call, here’s a tip I came across: Tell the person that you really want to speak with them and if they can hold on while you hang up your other line, you’ll be glad to listen to them. Then, set the phone down and don’t come back until you hear your phone letting you know the person hung up.

  3. This scam has been running a few years, and according to physicians in Virginia that have been contacted requesting RX for everything from Viagra, knee and back braces. From what I recall, both Medicaid and Medicare are well aware. Indeed, Erlene it is despicable to prey upon the elderly.

    1. Well, Patty called the Federal Trade Commission and ratted these shysters out–so maybe they’ll get scooped up and be given a harsh lesson.

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