Discovering Wodehouse

Blandings, Series 1

If this isn’t the funniest TV comedy ever, I don’t know what is!

We all need a laugh from time to time–right? And there was never anybody better at delivering a laugh than British author P.G. Wodehouse.

I discovered him last year in a book, A Treasury of Laughter, which contained a single story by Wodehouse, “Uncle Fred Flits By.” It was one of the funniest stories I ever read, and I just had to have more.

Happily, faithful dramatizations of many Wodehouse stories have been made over the years and can be watched on your computer, either on youtube or by subscribing to Acorn TV.

First we watched Jeeves and Wooster, the hilarious misadventures of a young upper-class twit and his all-knowing butler who cleans up the messes: it was a scream. Then we went on to Blandings, about the chronically absent-minded Lord Ensworth and his flaky family. This was so gloriously funny that we watched it twice. And tonight we’ll begin watching Wodehouse Playhouse.

These stories are so off-the-wall, so outlandish, so laugh-out-loud funny, that we just can’t get enough of them.

And so, faithful readers, I recommend them to you with a good will–think of it as a present from me to you.

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  1. Thanks, Lee. I am, of course, familiar with the name Wodehouse, but don’t believe I ever read anything he authored. I look forward to a little laugh time.

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