Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Let’s take a break from discouraging news and observe some of the unusual ways cats have found of taking forty winks.

Our cat Peep has a habit of sleeping face-down. She and Robbie both have a penchant for trying to squeeze themselves into cardboard boxes that are much too small for them. Some of the postures affected by sleeping cats would lead you to believe they have no skeletons.

So enjoy the sleeping cats. There’s a lesson to be learned from them–and I wish I knew what it is.

8 comments on “Let Sleeping Cats Lie

  1. Thank you, Lee. Aren’t cats just the best?! Peace and contentment, that’s what I see.

  2. I just love these. Cats are my favorites. Always loved them and always had one or more until now, living in my son’s home where there is a cat-chasing dog.

    1. Cats seem to like the feeling of security – sort of like swaddling an infant.

  3. I think that is it, Linda. The last cat I had would jump into my lap, roll over on his back and lie on my arm like a baby does. He was a little different
    type of cat. He even liked having his tummy rubbed. ???

    1. Yes, and they like to burrow under the covers too 🙂

      When I was a girl, my cat would meet me at the corner after school. He would then run up the front of my clothes, scramble up onto my shoulders and wrap himself around my neck like a shawl.

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