Down With Father Serra!

Let’s face it–college campuses have to be made incredibly safe, and no member of any minority should ever have to see, hear, or read, or even be aware of, anything that might possibly offend him. As for members of the majority, well, who cares?

“Activists”–shorthand for “arrogant pinheads bullying poor schmucks who are too timid to resist”–at Stanford University have demanded that the Serra Mall be renamed. See, it’s named for Father Junipero Serra, a saint of the Catholic Church. And Father Serra’s crime, for which he must be tried and found guilty hundreds of years later, and cast into outer darkness, was…

Being a missionary. Father Serra planted churches and missions all over California, in the days when it was a Spanish colony, and taught Christianity to the natives.

Humongous and inordinate crime! To rob people of the blessings of paganism and spook worship, and thrust upon them the hope of eternal life! I mean, that is downright mean! Once they take his accursed and oppressive name off the mall, maybe they can start tearing it out of history textbooks, too.

Had enough yet, folks?

One comment on “Down With Father Serra!”

  1. This should placate the atheists and new agers. Isn’t it amazing that atheists and new agers are on the same side? One believes in no God and the other believes they are gods. Meanwhile, the One True God is denied and His servants denied a voice. Puzzling, indeed.

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