Race-Baiting is a Sin

One serious note, before I lapse into more cat videos or anything like that.

People wonder why I call the Democrats the Sin Party. Obviously, their sponsorship of abortion, sexual anarchy, the breaking of our immigration laws, etc., eminently qualifies them for that title.

But among their worst sins is that of race-baiting: sowing discord and envy, playing with violence like a child with his father’s loaded gun, seeking to rule by dividing the country, and encouraging people to hate each other without cause. And no, I don’t think it’s cause for hatred if you can say, “My ancestors, a hundred and fifty years ago, were slaves but yours weren’t”–well, mine were luxuriating in their career paths as German peasants, although it wouldn’t matter if they’d been royalty.

To teach people that whatever is wrong in their lives is because of others’ enjoyment of some undefined “White Privilege,” to hate those who supposedly have this privilege, and to look to the government to avenge them against persons who never did them any harm–this is abominable. It’s also dangerous: if these passions are stoked until they boil over into violence, it could bring down our republic.

God’s judgment is on America for her sins. We don’t need to be making up and indulging new ones every day. We need to pray, repent, and stop this evil foolishness before a lot of people get hurt.

To hate one another because some sleazy politicians tell us that we ought to hate is shameful. And it is sin not only to those who preach it, but to those who choose to listen.

3 comments on “Race-Baiting is a Sin

  1. Amen, Lee! Can you imagine a society that had never been taught such things? How people have fallen into believing this insanity is beyond me. What has one’s color got to do with his or her character? All races have ‘classes’. Rich, poor, in-between, destitute – they are all present in every society. If all people were born physically blind, do you suppose there would be such strife among different peoples? There is good and evil in every culture, but it has nothing to do with outward appearance. If we instead used our spiritual eyes, we would all benefit. Discernment. Spiritual discernment.

  2. Absolutely agree with what you have written. And Linda, your words too are very true. The Lord said ” the poor, you will always have with you”…
    Some people insist that everyone is created equal, but obviously this is not real truth. There are many levels of privelege, intelligence, talent, etc. In Scripture it tells us clearly that some will be given 10 talents, some 5, and some only 1. So long as each recipient uses wisely what he is given, each will receive the same reward. Complaining and murmuring is something that gets God’s displeasure very quickly. It behooves us to make the most of what we have and not concern ourselves with the fact that others have more.

    1. Amen to that, Erlene. And Jesus never said it’s easier for a rich man to enter into the kingdom, but rather ‘And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.’ Matthew, Mark and Luke all mention this – more than a double witness. Character – a heart that God can work with – is what we should strive for, not stirring up strife.

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