Culture-Killers: Your Local Public Library

I’ve just read about a book, intended for children, entitled My Princess Boy. It’s about a boy who likes to wear dresses and tiaras, and his name is not Ed Wood. “He’s a Princess Boy,” says the cover blurb.

I have also read that this book is now available in countless public libraries, just waiting for children to pick it up and learn a whole new ideology.

The book, we are told, is “Inspired by the author’s son…” You mean, rather than gently and patiently correct the child, some mother–one can hardly believe there is a father in the picture–managed to wrap her mind around the little boy’s innocent penchant for trying on girl’s clothes, and on that basis, assigned to him a permanent status as a …whatever? I say innocent because little children simply don’t know any better.

Ooh! You must be a biggit and a hater!

I don’t care what you call me and I don’t care who you are. Go ahead, anybody out there who wants to try–explain why encouraging transgenderism in children is a good idea. I’d just love to hear your reasoning (if we can call it that).

At the very least it is a sin against the children; at the most, a sin against the human race; and at all events, a sin against God. Male and female created He them.

I shudder at the thought of the monsters that would be produced if sinful human beings had the power to create themselves.

3 comments on “Culture-Killers: Your Local Public Library

  1. The moral depravity aside, left to the LGBT community, how long do you think it would take for the human race to become extinct? Our God is indeed longsuffering, but these sickos have a rude awakening coming. Apparently, nothing was learned from Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Our most precious children are pawns in this immoral charade.

    Come, Lord Jesus!

  2. If the “fear of God is the beginning of wisdom” as Proverbs tells us, it is obvious what the sickness can be traced to. We have gone from what the world was 60 years ago to total entropy in little more than one generation. Sure glad my sons are grown, and remembering what little “men” they were, and if they hadn’t been, they had a father that would have brought swift correction. (me too)

  3. That’s kind of what the Marvel movies are about, mankind figuring out ways to be super men and super women. Marvel does produce some terrific monster super humans. The latest, “The Avengers: End Game” did $1.2 billion world wide its first week out. Some people paid $500.00 just to be the first to see it. One guy after he saw it told some spoilers to those waiting in line and was almost beaten to death for it.

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