Has Anybody Seen My Sanity?

We bought a blood pressure monitor this week, and it tells us that my pressure is through the roof, be prepared to pop a gasket… So I’ll be going back to the doctor for that.

Phone rings. It’s the nursing home. My aunt has been packed off to the hospital. Just a precaution.

Other family members, heard from today, are not much better off.

At some point this afternoon I will withdraw to my bedroom and read five chapters of the Bible. Not a bad idea for anyone.

In the meantime, I’ll get outside with the birds and continue reading Bell Mountain No. 7, The Glass Bridge. It’s how I make myself ready to receive the next book, if God will give me one.

I read a bit last night–I can’t tell you what it was because that would be a spoiler and I would really, truly appreciate it if more of you would buy these books–that struck me as very fine indeed. I don’t mean that to sound like I’m boasting, because I’m not. I know the good stuff never came from me. I just write down what the Lord gives me, and to Him be the glory. If I deserve any credit, it’s for working hard over many years to learn how to write it down.

One more sanity saver, by far the most important of them all:

Christ the Lord is risen. He is risen indeed.









4 comments on “Has Anybody Seen My Sanity?

  1. You, your aunt and your family remain in my prayers always, Lee.

    As for your sanity, this world is a sanity thief! Our Lord helps to keep us grounded and centered – in Him!

    Hopefully, next month I’ll be able to order the remaining three books. I’m so looking forward to them!

  2. Sanity? sanity? where have you hidden? I do not know anyone right now who knows where it is. Now, they are building (in April this year) so I’m told, a temple of Baal. Sanity surely is not anywhere near Times Square, N.Y. I think I’m going mad.
    Don’t despair, my friend. There are millions who are further from sanity than you.

    1. S3ee the link in Linda’s comment on “Ridiculous Politics.” They’re going to reconstruct, in Times Square, NYC, the main gate of a Temple of Baal blown up by ISIS. I expect to see Our Leaders worshiping there.

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