Ridiculous Politics

Ooh! Naughty, naughty! I guess she can’t be our First Lady, either…

So who says politics can’t be played for laughs? Ha-ha for Ted Cruz and Donald Trump this week, currently feuding over their wives.

Cruz started it–or rather, an anti-Trump (and, by extension, benefiting Cruz) PAC did–by running an ad in the Utah primary this week showing Mrs. Trump, Melania, in a photo shot for Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine 10 years ago, when she was a professional model and not yet married to Trump ( https://drlillianglassbodylanguageblog.wordpress.com/tag/ted-cruz/ ). Like, “Do you want this floozy for your First Lady?”

After hearing about this red-hot controversial picture all day, I finally saw it on Dr. Lillian Glass’s body language blog (see above).

Uh… What you see is Melania’s face, one bared shoulder, and her upper arm. Everything else is wrapped up in a blanket. Okay, it would be quite racy for 1898. But nowadays we see saucier stuff on the cover of Biblical Archaeology Review.

Trump fired back with a picture of pretty Melania alongside one of Heidi Cruz making a grimace like she was fighting off a bunch of orcs.

So, the world’s on fire, liberals have gutted America, here come the jihad, and these two guys are trying to establish which of their wives would be most repellent to the voters. As if even a gigantic praying mantis wouldn’t be better than what we have now.

Oh, well, ha-ha-ha, I hope a pie fight’s next. Much more entertaining than a debate.

7 comments on “Ridiculous Politics

  1. Cruz did start this food fight (deny it though he might). And you’re so right about the current occupants of the White House. Cruz has shown himself to be a hypocritical liar at best, and an underhanded dirty dealer as well. Do they truly think we are all that dumbed-down? Issues, guys. An honest discussion about the issues facing our nation at this moment in time (key word -honest).

    And even worse, now we have Glenn Beck envisioning Cruz as the Mormon fulfillment of prophecy. What???!!!

    Here’s one for you: http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/new-york-city-will-recreate-the-temple-of-baal-in-times-square-april/

    Our Lord truly is longsuffering!

    1. I knew there was something missing from this Democrat regime in New York City, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what. Thanks for clearing that up for me. “The Gate of Baal”–I should’ve thought of that.

  2. Cruz most certainly did NOT start this insane fight about wives. He has stayed away from family, as any decent person would … unlike trump. #nevertrump

    1. Rush Limbaugh reported today that the original wife-attack message was the work of a “Stop Trump” PAC: which, his callers pointed out, benefited Cruz.

      I would rather both these guys spent more of their energy attacking Democrats and their disastrous policies. Whichever one wins, he’s going to need the other.

      I don’t go in for hashtags. My slogan is “Never, never, never again a Democrat president.”

    2. Also, it’s worth noting that Cruz was the one who said it starts at the top – responsibility, that is. And who would believe any PAC would put out an ad without approval from someone inside the Cruz camp?

    3. Again according to Limbaugh–and I didn’t know this–it’s against the law for a PAC to consult with the candidate, one way or another. How you enforce that law, beats me. So technically, the PAC couldn’t get the nod from anyone on Ted Cruz’s staff.

      But again, by far the most important item on the agenda is to keep the Clintons out of the White House so that the next president can start rescinding Obama’s executive orders and the next Congress can repeal Obamacare.

    4. Many years ago, when I was a bit less cynical, I may have believed that. Laws don’t seem to apply to any of the D.C. crowd.

      Another Clinton is unthinkable!

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