Feed the Kiddies Like Mrs. O Says, or Else

Let’s see, now… What item of inane and frustrating news can I find that’ll crank up my blood pressure today?

Oh, I’ve got it! The federal government has threatened to fine schools that don’t comply with Michelle Obama’s diktat on what foods the children in the cafeteria can and can’t eat ( http://freebeacon.com/issues/feds-schools-michelle-obamas-lunch-rules/ ).

The Food and Nutrition Service, an agency of our beloved federal government, it has been reported (see link above), is “targeting schools that refuse to comply with Mrs. Obama’s lunch rules.”

So, the Worst Lady, whom no one voted for, who has never been appointed to or confirmed in any official position, and who is accountable to absolutely no one, has been given the power to decide what food shall be served to millions of children in America’s public schools.

How delightfully Third World of us!

It’s covered with a facade of legislation, the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act–and who would dare vote against a bill with a name like that?

Naturally, as is only to be expected of anything done by this administration, the kids are now hungrier than ever because they don’t like Obama-fare and refuse to eat it.

Had enough yet, anybody?

6 comments on “Feed the Kiddies Like Mrs. O Says, or Else

  1. Best recommendation for home schooling I have seen in a while. Talk about arrogance on steroids!

    1. . . . and the perfectly fine PC GMO turnip truck just went by. This charlatan and his entourage have really made a mess of things, although he’s certainly not alone in this. But we do have this to hold onto, Erlene – God is in control! Halleluiah!

  2. The amount of food I see wasted in the public schools each day is immoral. Feed the kids with food they will eat. Stop making it free – if it costs then they will be more selective.

    1. At one middle school where I subbed, the kits chose mostly sweets for lunch and didn’t bother with the real food. It was really rather shocking to see.

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