Sanity Medicine: Snuggly Bunnies

Ibis Hotels came up with this snuggly bunny TV ad. After all the kerfluffle this morning, I thought this might relax me. I hope you enjoy it!

I’m crazy about bunnies and have always wished I might have one, but it has never come to pass. I wouldn’t want my mice saying, “So what are we–chopped liver?” But love is a renewable resource, isn’t it?

10 comments on “Sanity Medicine: Snuggly Bunnies

  1. How adorable! Who couldn’t love one of these sweeties! We even had a pet baby badger once. It’s mother was killed in the woods and the baby was lying next to her and mourning. She loved chicken legs, carrots, bananas, and other such foods. When excited, she would jump straight up and down
    and squeak. She finally grew up and was released to go and have a real
    badger life as a mother.

  2. God’s creation always fills me with awe! Indeed, a baby badger is really cool, Erlene! When we were children, we had many animals, including dogs, cats, bunnies and a burro. Later, I had geese, goats, wolves, dogs, cats, parrots – all rescues. When I was a teenager, a girlfriend of mine rescued a baby raccoon that grew up with her family and was so attached to her that it would take walks with her down the street – waddling along between her legs! What a sight to see 🙂

    1. Lizards are wonderful! A friend’s iguana – ‘Iggy’, of course – grew to 6 feet long and took baths in her bathtub. Her cat used to clean his face. Another case of strange bedfellows 🙂

    2. And contrary to popular belief, they can be quite friendly and affectionate.

    3. You bet! Iguanas are social animals, and you have to raise them that way. I raised my from a hatchling, and he was as tame as could be: little kids used to feed him wild strawberries by hand, and he never got overexcited and bit them–even though red foods always sparked his appetite, and he would sometimes try to eat the tomato or berries painted onto the plate.

      I had him for 17 years–and I miss him.

    4. Sounds like you were really good friends and had a mutual affection. That’s quite a blessing.

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