Today’s Final Video, Starring a Spider

Ladies and gentlemen! For your edification and enjoyment, we proudly present [trumpet fanfare] a spider chasing a laser pointer light.

But not just any spider! Nosireebob–this here is a genuine jumping spider. If you look closely, you’ll see she has two rather large eyes, plus a bunch of smaller ones you probably can’t see. That’s what makes jumping spiders unique in spiderdom: they can see! They hunt their prey by sight.

Still, there is one thing that defeats our most concentrated mental efforts–

What does this spider think she sees, when she sees the laser light?

7 comments on “Today’s Final Video, Starring a Spider

  1. Poor spider. I feel a bit sorry for her since she probably thinks it could be dinner she’s chasing around. Spiders are such fascinating creatures. Watching them spin their webs is a blood pressure lowering activity. In South Florida we have an adorable spider called ‘spiny orb weaver’. They’re quite small and they’re beautiful little creatures. They’re called orb weavers because the webs they spin are orb-shaped. I spent many hours watching in fascination while they spun their webs in my backyard. If I knew how, I’d put a picture here.

    1. Let me see if I can find one.
      Found some pictures, but I can’t move them to this spot any more than you can. I have no idea why my usual method won’t work.

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