The Problem of Poverty: Solved!

Nice sidewalks make for nice neighborhoods!

Thanks to Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, we finally know the chief cause of poverty in America.

Is it fatherless homes? Nah. Endemic drug use? Uh-uh, not even close. Is it the presence of a persistently criminal subculture? Really lousy education? Crooked politicians? None of the above.

The chief cause of poverty, sez the Sec, is… lack of sidewalks ( ).

See, you can’t achieve the American Dream–whatever that is, anymore–unless you’ve got nice sidewalks in your neighborhood. Because sidewalks, Foxx babbled, are not just a means to get you from one place to another. Sidewalks are about “getting you to a better life.”

Augh! It’s gotta be a dream, please can I wake up now…

(Thanks to Linda for calling this news item to our attention.)

8 comments on “The Problem of Poverty: Solved!

  1. It’s so utterly absurd that when you shake your head – it’s still there. Two questions come to mind: Where do they find the people who dream this stuff up, and what are they consuming?

    When I was a child growing up in the farm country of Pennsylvania, not only didn’t we have sidewalks, but we didn’t have paved roads either. In fact, when they finally paved one road (not even the main one) it was such big news they named it ‘The New Road’! Well, lots of folks made acceptable livings, farmed the land, raised dairy cattle, grew gardens, were good neighbors, went to church, loved the Lord – I dunno, what’s the ‘American Dream’ if not that?

    Nice idyllic picture, Lee.

    1. Seems like we accomplished quite a bit without sidewalks – or paved roads 🙂

      This ideology seems to correspond quite nicely with Obama’s opinion that terrorism is a direct result of not providing jobs to the terrorists – or something like that. Babylon had nothing on this confusion-laden generation of vipers.

  2. Just when you thought it could not get any more strange in DC. And of course compounding this is the fact that the taxpayer pays for this fellow’s salary.

  3. Another thought occurs to me: Does it seem fortuitous to anyone else that as we enter the last days when the trumpets will sound that a candidate happens to have the name ‘Trump’?

  4. It must be true; 1000 years ago there were no sidewalks & everyone earned one penny a day. BTW, I hope that the previous poster is not hinting that Trump is a “messenger” (“angel”)

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