Sanity Medicine: Kitten and Owl

So I’m taking my blood pressure, and the stupid box falls over and topples my glass of iced tea all over the table… Grrrr!

But here we have the calming influence of a kitten making friends with a little fluffy owl. Ah, that’s nice! Much nicer than–oh, stop thinking about it!

I am currently reading Bell Mountain No. 9, The Throne, trying to come up with suggested for our cover artist, Kirk DuoPonce. He’ll be mighty hard press to outdo the covers he created for The Glass Bridge and The Temple.

I wonder how my cats would get along with an owl.

3 comments on “Sanity Medicine: Kitten and Owl

  1. Oh, how sweet! I love these stories about odd roomies 🙂 This reminds me of the rat snake and dwarf hamster in a Japanese zoo several years ago. The hamster was the intended lunch for the snake, but . . . not a chance! They became friends, the snake refusing to eat the little guy! I believe they continued on as roommates for quite some time. I know there’s a youtube video somewhere.

    Sorry about your iced tea, Lee. It’s always something. Call upon Jesus. He will give you peace, and the strength to endure even life’s little annoyances.

  2. This could be Edward Lear’s poem come to life! Remember ‘The Owl And The Pussycat Went To Sea’?

  3. Very cute. Another unlikely couple, proving any two “people” can get along if they really choose to.

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