University Bans ‘Inappropriate Hand Gestures’

Gee, I can think of several eloquent hand gestures that would probably get me kicked out of collidge, these days. But at the University of Edinburgh recently, a 22-year-old collidge student–students seem to be a lot older than they used to be–and student council member was almost expelled for raising her hand during a meeting ( ).

It was a meeting of the overgrown children’s committee on Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions: which, we are told, was “about the liberation of Palestinians.” (Translation: they hate Israel and Jews.) I mean, how are you expected to get a nation started without the meaningless support of a bunch of collidge students half a world away?

Anyhoo, raising one’s hand to ask a question was also taken to “denote disagreement,” and Edinburgh University is full of “safe space” where no disagreement is allowed, it might upset the inmates. In due course, there was filed a “safe space complaint against [so-and-so] for inappropriate hand gestures.”

They ban what you can say, they ban what you can read, they ban what you can write, and now they ban hand gestures that “denote disagreement.”

So that by the time you graduate, at age 35 or so, you have been transformed into a completely useless waste of space.

The university–where minds and morals go to die.

6 comments on “University Bans ‘Inappropriate Hand Gestures’

  1. And from this pool of numbskulls we will derive our future leaders. Perish the thought! Thinking for oneself has become taboo and with that ushers in the era of thoughtless robotic sheeple. And any hand gestures must be discouraged so there is not a glimmer of objection or dare I say rebellion. Pray longer, louder and more fervently everyone! Our only hope is Our Lord Jesus Christ!

  2. I would, no doubt, be hanged as an example of “all out rebel”. OK, so be it. I wasn’t born in this generation and will NOT abide by their idiotic ideals. Fear not man, who when they have killed the body, there is no more they can do. Rather, fear God who can kill both body and soul. That is the rule I go by.

  3. Mama, someone disagrees with me! Waaah! I need you to hold my hand and tell me everything will be all right, and that the naughty bad person will get what for! My fragile ego can’t take much more of this!

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