My Newswithviews Column, March 20 (‘An Interview with Western Civilization’)

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Somebody must have wondered yesterday, “What happened to Lee’s Newswithviews piece? Where did it go?” Please tell me somebody, somewhere, noticed.

Well, it fell through the cracks–I wonder if that ever happened to William F. Buckley–but here it is now.

An Interview with Western Civilization

Yes, it started life as one of last week’s blog posts. Don’t blame me. It was “TheWhiteRabbit’s” idea. I just thought it was a good one. And my wife thinks this is one of the best things I’ve written, so there.

Leftism is a mortal threat to any civilization.

‘Poll: One in Four Would Date a Robot’ (2016)

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Good grief…

Let’s see… how brain-dead does it get?

Ooh-ooh, I know! Brain death has occurred when somebody says he or she would “like to have a relationship” with a robot…. as long as it was good-looking!

Poll: 1 in 4 Would Date a Robot

Okay, this was a poll of a thousand people in Britain, where culture rot is somewhat more advanced than it is here in America. But what goes in Britain eventually goes in America. Before much longer we can expect to see human-robot “relationships” hailed as “a lifestyle” which the rest of us must celebrate or else be branded as biggits and Haters.

Any word on when we’re going to wake from this nightmare?

‘Are We Smarter than Our Ancestors’? (2015)

In a word, No.

‘Nameless Portraits on a Colossal Scale’ (2014)

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Let’s hear it for the Olmecs of southern Mexico–another civilization with great achievements to its credit, but nevertheless consigned to oblivion.

Point this, this has happened to any number of civilizations; and it could happen to ours. We don’t know what the Olmecs did to make their civilization disappear–but we can see with our own eyes what we’re doing to make ours disappear.

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 28 (‘What Hath #MeToo Wrought’)

I was so peeved over the stupid typo that was left in here this morning, that I forgot to post this column on the blog. So here it is–late, late, late!

P.S.–The title I’m using here was my original title.

Racer Begs Forgiveness for Saying Boys Don’t Wear Dresses

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Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton is groveling and begging for forgiveness after recently tweeting that “Boys don’t wear dresses” ( The boy in question was his three-year-old nephew, whose dotard parents put him in a princess dress for Christmas.

We seem to be marooned on Abomination Island.

Of course, an army of trolls piled onto Hamilton for his comment, quickly motivating him to reverse course. So now it’s “I love that my nephew feels free–” the kid is only three years old–“to express himself as we all should.” Really? As we all should? You want to think that over for a minute, buster?

Grovel, grovel. “Nice, nice hobbitses, my precious! Let usss live a little longer, gollum-gollum!” All right, what he really said was “My deepest apologies” and “I hope I can be forgiven–” by who?–“for this lapse in judgment.” It only sounds like Gollum.

He also admitted to the shiny new thought crime of “gender shaming.” Wait’ll the Canadian “human rights” commissions get hold of that one.

I am exceedingly reluctant to believe that the vast majority of people in the Western world today have come around whole-heartedly, and damned near instantly, to a full embrace of the Transgender mythology. After all, the social media makes it possible for two nuts to appear to be a thousand, if they’ve got the time and motivation for it. So maybe Mr. Hamilton is licking dust for just a little handful of kooks who made him think he’d incurred the wrath of multitudes.

My uncles, bless them, are dead. But I like to think they would have protected me, if my parents went tranny hog-wild with me when I was only three years old.


‘They Want Us to Assimilate With… That?’

Image result for images of sweden collapsing

Sweden makes me wonder if there is any limit to liberal insanity.

A “non-governmental LBGT group”–I guess that means Sweden also has government-funded and directed LBGT groups, or there’d be no need to specify–has been handing out brochures–described as “bizarre” and graphic–depicting and recommending all kinds of unwholesome sex acts: handing them out to “any asylum seeker over the age of 15.”

By “asylum seeker” they do not mean persons suffering from a mental illness and wishing to commit themselves to care. No–they mean Muslim migrants, mostly able-bodied men of military age. And 15 is the legal age of consent in Sweden.

Note: I have not linked to a news article because I cannot justify allowing any illustrations from that brochure to appear on this blog. So you can either take my word for the story or, if you really have to, track it down yourself. It shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Anyhoo, we’re talking about angry, hostile, violence-prone young men who come from countries where they throw homosexuals off the roofs of high buildings, and then stone them if they don’t die when they hit the street.

Do you think any of those men, upon viewing the gay porn pamphlets, will want to assimilate with Swedish culture?

They will think they have a duty to destroy it.

Two false religions, secular humanism and Islam, I believe will inevitably be locked in mortal combat.

O Lord Our God, let Jesus Christ Our King, who is the light of the world, guide us through this darkening age.

Tots Asked to ‘Choose Their Gender’

And today’s first disgusting news story, illustrating complete culture collapse, comes to us from Merrie England, where the Brighton and Hove City Council has written to thousands of parents urging them to “support your child to choose the gender they most identify with” ( ).

Some of these kids are only four years old.

Why is the council doing this? Well, in their own words, it’s because “increasing numbers of children and young people are identifying as trans.”

Gee, I wonder why that’s happening–if indeed it really is happening, and it’s not just a few psychotic left-wingers saying so. Could it possibly have anything at all, even the teensiest little bit, to do with the whole Western world’s ruling class pushing this transgender folly as if their very lives depended on it?

O Lord our God, remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections!

University Bans ‘Inappropriate Hand Gestures’

Gee, I can think of several eloquent hand gestures that would probably get me kicked out of collidge, these days. But at the University of Edinburgh recently, a 22-year-old collidge student–students seem to be a lot older than they used to be–and student council member was almost expelled for raising her hand during a meeting ( ).

It was a meeting of the overgrown children’s committee on Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions: which, we are told, was “about the liberation of Palestinians.” (Translation: they hate Israel and Jews.) I mean, how are you expected to get a nation started without the meaningless support of a bunch of collidge students half a world away?

Anyhoo, raising one’s hand to ask a question was also taken to “denote disagreement,” and Edinburgh University is full of “safe space” where no disagreement is allowed, it might upset the inmates. In due course, there was filed a “safe space complaint against [so-and-so] for inappropriate hand gestures.”

They ban what you can say, they ban what you can read, they ban what you can write, and now they ban hand gestures that “denote disagreement.”

So that by the time you graduate, at age 35 or so, you have been transformed into a completely useless waste of space.

The university–where minds and morals go to die.

Even More Disgusting: Fake Abortions for Homosexuals

Yes, I know this picture of a cat playing with a snowman has absolutely nothing to do with the putrid subject matter of my post below. It’s just a nice picture. Enjoy it while sanity is still allowed.

Here is another news story that I can’t much quote from. I mean, this is supposed to be a Christian blog. You may find it very hard to believe this story, but I’m afraid it’s true.

A top-of-the-line abortion center is now offering”simulated abortions” to homosexual men ( ). We are not told how much they have to pay for the experience.

Here’s one quote I think I can get away with. The one sodomite says his whatever “is so, so special to me, and we both agree that having the right to choose is incredibly important. We shouldn’t lose the ability to affirm that choice simply because we’re gay.”

My wife thinks I’m making this stuff up. I wish it were so.

How do they perform a simulated abortion on a homosexual man?

I would rather not say. Use your imagination.

“They really wanted to understand what women have to go through in less progressive states that don’t respect the right to choose,” said another tulip quoted in the article. He is, perhaps, unaware that in not one of the 50 states is abortion banned. Maybe he thinks it is, somewhere in the other seven.

The owner of the clinic says they’ve been contacted by abortion mills in four other states, asking for advice on how to get started in the gay male abortion business.

But let’s look on the bright side–at least a baby isn’t getting killed.

We hope

Oops! It ain’t true.

The article to which I linked is a satire. It’s even labeled “SATIRE,” right under the picture of the two men–and my eye skipped over it without seeing it.

Why was it so easy for me to believe this phony story? Uh, possibly because the time we’re living in abounds with such stories, and most of them are true.

So here I am, retracting it, because the story isn’t true, it was just a gag, and I was taken in by it. I apologize for that. As someone who has been known to write and publish a satire or two of his own, I’m used to people being hoodwinked by stories I made up, thinking no one could possibly fail to see they were put-ons.

This time it was my turn to be fooled.

Until someone who owns an abortion mill reads this satire and decides it really is a good idea, after all… and it comes true..