Remember This?

Leroy Anderson had this hit tune in 1951, The Syncopated Clock.

I remember it as the theme music of The Early Show, back in television’s infancy. It was also the theme of The Late Show, but I wasn’t allowed to stay up anywhere near that late.

I was whistling this tune at the Y when a man stopped me in the hall. “I’m going nuts,” he said, “trying to remember what that’s called!” When I told him, he was delighted. “Of course, that’s it–The Early Show! I knew I’d heard it before, long ago.”

Long ago indeed.

10 comments on “Remember This?

  1. Oh, yes, I remember it well. I do not remember well what they all talked about on those shows, but the Today Show that is on now drives me up the wall. They sound like a bunch of mad chipmunks all talking at the same time. I can’t bear to be in the room for long…

  2. Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, women wore a funny little hat thing that sometimes had a veil attached, do you know what it was called without looking it up? Oh, go ahead, look it up.

  3. Not a pillbox. I thought of a fascinator, or a hatinator, but I was wrong, the one with a partial veil is merely a cocktail hat. The fascinator is more like a Vegas headdress.

  4. My mother had one but mostly I see them on TV by watching old B&W reruns of To Tell The Truth, I’ve Got A Secret, etc. Bud Collyer, host of “Truth” also hosted Beat The Clock and was both the radio voice & cartoon voice of Superman in the 1940’s. He was also an anti-communist & was involved with the publication “Red Channels”, also a Sunday school teacher in his church, often doing some custodial work for his church as well as an author of 2 Christian books. You can watch episodes of To Tell The Truth on you tube.

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