‘What’s Next?’ Do You Really Want to Know?

An empty cradle–welcome to humanism

One of my readers, responding to the story about the idiot college students mistaking a priest for a Klansman, has asked, “What’s next?”

I am not happy about being able to answer that.

In Japan, a country caught in a demographic death spiral because people just aren’t having babies anymore, entrepreneurs have brought to market a Virtual Reality Sex Suit, a full-body thingamajig that lets you enjoy a pitiful form of “sex” without a partner ( https://www.rt.com/viral/338662-virtual-reality-sex-suit/ ). For a mere $400, you can indulge in what I think our British friends would call high-tech wanking.

Why do I even mention something as disgusting as this?

Because it shows our modern, global, humanist civilization as having firmly placed itself on the road to extinction, and is a grim reminder that we need to pray as we’ve never prayed before–pray for repentance, for a return to sanity, for God to give us the courage to stand in front of this tidal wave and cry, “Enough!”

May the good Lord hear us.

3 comments on “‘What’s Next?’ Do You Really Want to Know?

  1. You are right, I really don’t want to know, but if we don’t know, how do we know what to pray? I am thinking of Abraham’s intercessory prayer in regard to Sodom. For the sake of a few righteous, will you spare…?

  2. Well, we have homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals – will they name these monosexuals?

    Dear Lord, your people are repulsed and disgusted by the evil perverse society in which we find ourselves. We cannot conceive how You look upon this. But we pray earnestly that the wicked turn from their wickedness lest they perish. We know that You are longsuffering so that all should come to repentance. In your longsuffering, Lord, hide us in your secret place, cover us with your wings, and give us strength in You to withstand this madness. Amen.

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