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‘What’s Next?’ Do You Really Want to Know?

An empty cradle–welcome to humanism

One of my readers, responding to the story about the idiot college students mistaking a priest for a Klansman, has asked, “What’s next?”

I am not happy about being able to answer that.

In Japan, a country caught in a demographic death spiral because people just aren’t having babies anymore, entrepreneurs have brought to market a Virtual Reality Sex Suit, a full-body thingamajig that lets you enjoy a pitiful form of “sex” without a partner ( https://www.rt.com/viral/338662-virtual-reality-sex-suit/ ). For a mere $400, you can indulge in what I think our British friends would call high-tech wanking.

Why do I even mention something as disgusting as this?

Because it shows our modern, global, humanist civilization as having firmly placed itself on the road to extinction, and is a grim reminder that we need to pray as we’ve never prayed before–pray for repentance, for a return to sanity, for God to give us the courage to stand in front of this tidal wave and cry, “Enough!”

May the good Lord hear us.

Bigots ‘n’ Haters and Croaking Frogs

Bigot… hater… bigot… hater… bigot… hater…ribbit, ribbit, ribbit…

Hear the libs and the progressives, croaking away like frogs, the same thing over and over again, incessantly repeated. With racist thrown in, at every opportunity.

We are the objects of their incantation.

And why? Because we will not abandon moral standards that have been held, unchanged for thousands of years, by virtually the entire human race. Because we will not jettison sexual morality as defined for us by the Word of God, and instead embrace newfangled pseudo-morality invented only in the last few years by perverts, academics, lawyers, and left-wing politicians. Because we will not be part of a bizarre social experiment based on sodomy and other sexual aberrations.

The temptation is to hate them. It is a very strong temptation. Besides which, it’s right to hate God’s enemies, and to pray for their sudden and complete downfall.

The temptation is to give in to anger.

But I’m pretty sure God wants us to be stronger than that. I think He wants us to have enough faith in Him not to believe that He will wring His hands helplessly while His whole creation is taken over by men who say they’re women.

I think He wants us to resist–not by shedding blood, but by speaking the truth, by prayer, and by refusing to participate in these abominations. Speaking the truth boldly, and not with half a mouth, not with backing and filling and apologizing. The time for that has long since passed.

Those who do abominations, and try to force others to join in–unless they repent, their damnation is sure. It is not God’s will that any soul should perish, but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9), so that He can forgive them and grant them life.

But there are plenty who will not repent. They’re walking tall and riding high, but they have already perished.

Let the frogs croak. Their incantations are in vain.

Now They’re Sliming ‘A Christmas Carol’

Water pollution is bad; but easier to control than spiritual pollution.

So the Perky Publicist has invited me to read a new book. I will not mention the title or the author. It is a book that takes Charles Dickens’ beloved classic, A Christmas Carol, and dunks it in “transgender” poison.

The author used to be a man. Each and every cell in his body is still male, with an XY chromosome, but now we’re supposed to accept him as “a woman” or else be branded haters and homophobes. The fact that he is not a woman is irrelevant. Facts always are, these days.

As Dickens wrote it, A Christmas Carol is a story of repentance and redemption. Scrooge learns to see his sins for what they are, he is heartily sorry for them, and the sovereign grace of God turns his life around, and saves it.

But in this happening-now book, “Christmas” is all about sin not being sin anymore. You don’t have to repent because it’s not a sin, after all, and Jesus Christ does not have to redeem you because the Bible was wrong all along about certain types of behavior being abhorrent to God. The book “breaks through boundaries of traditional Christmas stories by including a transgender character” and “encourages families to accept those members who may be ‘different.'”

It asks us to affirm sinners in their sin, denying that it’s sin and rejecting the authority of Scripture.

Christ went to an awful lot of trouble for nothing, didn’t He?

Let me tell you what scares me. It’s the thought that God will simply run out of patience with us, wash His hands of us, turn His back on us, and not intervene as we drown ourselves in our own filthiness. But God is not a man, that He should lie, and God will keep His promises. Somehow He will redeem and regenerate us.

In spite of transgender Christmas stories.

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