Bonus Video: Cats and Cucumbers

(Thanks to reader LifeIsGood for suggesting this video)

Here’s something I never knew about cats: some of them freak out at the sight of a cucumber.

Huh? What gives? Why should a cucumber, just lying on the floor, startle a cat?

We’ll never know.

4 comments on “Bonus Video: Cats and Cucumbers

  1. It seems like the cats that were startled by the cucumber were just a bit more skittish. The other cats were much more laid back, even curious. Maybe it was just that they hadn’t expected it. The same reaction may have been solicited with a tomato, I suppose.

    My favorite was always catnip. Most of my cats loved it, although there were always a few that didn’t possess the catnip gene and completely ignored it. Once when I was shopping for kitty stuff, a young woman picked up a package of catnip, put it back down and turned to me and said: ‘I would never give this to my cat! It’s like marijuana.’ I tried to explain to her that it really is from the mint family and completely harmless to the kitties, but the poor girl would have none of it. I’m convinced that many people just don’t speak cat.

  2. That is hilarious, but on the other hand, I have to have a little sympathy for the freaked-out cats. Sometimes, I even act that way when the tube of biscuits explodes in my hand before it should. Maybe that tells me I should just make my own from scratch, but don’t always have time. Could be my nerves are just shot, too. I guess some people would have a good laugh watching me open tube biscuits, eh?

  3. The phrase “scaredy cat” has been around for a long time & for good reason; cats seem to be afraid of their own shadows. But there is something that cats aren’t afraid of……..BEARS! Check out videos of “Cats chasing bears”. Maybe cats are just dumb.

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