Hymn, ‘He Hideth My Soul’

Well, this morning it’s off to the kidney doctor to find out what is meant by the euphemism “some impairment of the kidney.” I still haven’t got the stronger blood pressure medicine I need and my pressure is still exceedingly high.

I suppose it’s easy to say “sing louder” when things are going well and you don’t really need to sing. Ten weeks ago, I was as healthy as a horse. At least I thought I was. Now this blood pressure business is like a leak in the bottom of the boat, and nobody’s found a way to stop it yet.

So I present this classic hymn by Fanny Crosby, who wrote over 8,000 hymns before she died, in her nineties. Fanny was blind. As a six-week-old baby, a doctor put mustard poultices on her eyes to treat a cold. It’s possible–I’d say likely!–that this treatment caused her blindness.

But blind she was, and who wouldn’t consider that a serious affliction? Notwithstanding, it didn’t stop her from writing thousands of hymns that are loved and sung to this day.

I once heard a man say, on a Christian radio show, “You don’t understand because you ain’t been tribulatin’ yet.” That was years ago; today it sounds like wisdom.

My friends, I thank the Lord for the prayers you make on my behalf.

P.S.–The hymn shop is open day and night. If there’s a hymn you’d like to have posted on this blog, all you gotta do is ask!


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  1. Thank you, Lee. We all need His hiding place at times. My suggestion for today is to sit outside (if it’s warm enough) with your cigar and a notepad. Pray about the story for your next book. We continue to pray for you.

    And here’s a hymn request: ‘My Faith Has Found A Resting Place’.

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