Amazing! Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel

Well, don’t that beat all! A baby squirrel falls out of its nest, the people put it in the box with the kittens, and the little fellow fits right in. The mommy cat treats it just like one of her kittens, loves it, feeds it, grooms it–and the  baby squirrel has learned to purr.

God’s stuff not only works. It works better than we can imagine.

2 comments on “Amazing! Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel

  1. Isn’t this just about the sweetest! Many animals adopt orphans of other species. When God made everything, He certainly built in alternative plans! 🙂

  2. This is just precious. I love these stories. It does prove that the Creator
    has compassion on the smallest creature, and we get to enjoy watching.

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