Boy, Am I Bushed!

So this is my day, so far.

Went to Home Depot for garden stuff. Then grocery shopping. Sit outside with cigar and whip up my weekly Newswithviews column. Bike ride, huff and puff uphill. Lunch (better hurry, almost suppertime). Quick blog post–this one, in fact. Next, type and submit the column.

I think I’ll wait till after my after-supper nap to take my blood pressure. And watch some Lord Peter Wimsey first. I find that a very relaxing mystery series. I wonder if that’s what its producers intended.

Why am I telling you all this?

Search me!

5 comments on “Boy, Am I Bushed!

  1. The guy in that picture sure looks a lot more comfortable than we do! Sharing our whirlwinds makes them a bit more palatable. I think it’s called commiserating 🙂

    Enjoy your nap.

  2. Yeah, Linda, that’s what I think. We need to “let it all hang out once in awhile” I can relate to your “bushed” situation. I have them very frequently. Nothing much is convenient here in this little village, and the power went out two hours ago, and that didn’t help with all I need to get done. Had to hang laundry outside, since the dryer quit in the middle.

    1. Most distressing, to lose one’s electricity. Around here the infrastructure is old and needs replacing, but the power company can’t do it because its money is all tied up in employee pensions. *sigh* We had a bad time during Hurricane Sandy, I can tell you that.

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