By Request: ‘Jesus’

Suggested by Lisa, Jesus, performed by Chris Tomlin.

This morning I rode my bike, did the laundry, put away all the Christmas ornaments and took down the tree, vacuumed–and I am about ready to lie down on the floor and plotz.

Why Don’t They Do What They Say They’re Gonna Do?

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As they continue looking for things wrong with me, my doctor found some infection or other and has ordered me to take an antibiotic plus some other kind of pill, in addition to my high blood pressure pills.

Only thing is, i can’t seem to get this prescription filled.

So I made a special trip to the doctor’s office this week to get it all straightened out with the office manager. Yeah, yeah, right, I’ll call these prescriptions in to Walmart today, right away, and you can pick them all up Saturday morning.

April Fool in July. Here I am back from Walmart empty-handed. He never called in the prescriptions and the pharmacist didn’t know what I was talking about.

When I had my own small liquidating business, I had a bitter lesson to learn: most people almost never do what they say they’re going to do. As in, “Sure, we’ll ship out those samples this afternoon.” Or, “I’ll be here in my office tomorrow afternoon, so you can stop by and discuss it with me then.” Sometimes these are covered by ridiculous lies. Like, “Yeah, we shipped it last week,” or “Well, I was there waiting for you and you never showed up,” this particular taradiddle trotted out after you’ve wasted an hour getting there and another hour waiting in his office.

This is bad enough in business. In health care it’s alarming. But I refuse today to throw good time after bad, having already lost my bike time to a fruitless trip to Walmart.

Remember–there are an awful lot of people out there who simply will not do what they say they’re going to do; and if you’re depending on them, you’re going to be disappointed very, very often.

Catholic Kids Behaving Badly–Again

As I settled down outside to write this morning, I was disturbed by bad music that was getting louder and louder. It seemed to be coming from just around the far corner of our building: heavy metal, with a lot of shrieking f-bombs and other profanities.

So I got up to go and put a stop to it, and as I walked toward the sidewalk, a child appeared in a window of the Catholic school across the street and quickly pulled it down–shutting off the music.

It wasn’t some yobbo in the street. It was kids in a Catholic school classroom, getting up to mischief because their teacher, I presume, wasn’t there to stop them.

The lesson here is simple: sending your kids to a Christian school does not remove them from our polluted culture. They’ll just bring it with them. I expected better from children in a Catholic school, having taught in one myself, but obviously I was wrong. What they hear on the outside, they bring inside the school.

I used to trust the kids in my Catholic school classroom if I had to step outside for a few minutes, and they never disappointed me.

But that was quite a few years ago, and our culture has not gotten better in the interim.


My Day (Oh, Well…)

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As part of my efforts to get enough exercise to keep me out of the hospital, I walked to the Y this morning–about three miles round trip, not counting a couple of rather steep hills. I tried to get underway before it was too hot, but I was still pretty well broiled by the time I got there. So I had a nice long shower and then walked back home, via Tommy’s Pond. Covered with sweat by the time I got here, but at least it was new sweat.

But suddenly it’s 4:30, almost suppertime. How did that happen? I smoked a cigar, worked on The Silver Trumpet (Lord Chutt is painting himself into a very bad corner), and then we had to run out and buy groceries. And now it’s 4:30. *Sigh*

This morning I was distressed to discover that my Newswithviews article today included no link to my blog. That was soon fixed, but it cost me probably 50 views.

The way it works, or is supposed to work, NWV leads readers to my blog, and the blog leads readers to my books. If only. It’s a hard job to come up with a NWV column every week, trust me on that. I’d at least like a better chance to sell some books.

Why am I going on like this? I dunno–probably I cooked my brain by walking in this heat.

See you all later.

Boy, Am I Bushed!

So this is my day, so far.

Went to Home Depot for garden stuff. Then grocery shopping. Sit outside with cigar and whip up my weekly Newswithviews column. Bike ride, huff and puff uphill. Lunch (better hurry, almost suppertime). Quick blog post–this one, in fact. Next, type and submit the column.

I think I’ll wait till after my after-supper nap to take my blood pressure. And watch some Lord Peter Wimsey first. I find that a very relaxing mystery series. I wonder if that’s what its producers intended.

Why am I telling you all this?

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