San Fran Not Waiting for the Earthquake

Okay, who’s surprised by this?

In San Francisco, the moral lawlessness capital of America–a title very hard to win and hold, with so much competition–property crime is up 60 percent since 2010 and the tourist board is upset about a lot of very problematic “street behavior” ( )–little things like “overly aggressive” panhandling that stops just short of mugging, and drug users wandering around with syringes dangling from their arms.

According to government statistics, San Francisco has the highest per capita property crime rate among America’s top 50 cities. Vandalism, break-ins, theft… If you’re goin’ to San Francisco, make sure you find a secure hiding-place.

Well, let’s see… You’ve got those “San Francisco values” and “pride parades” and an energetic, overt, and loud repudiation of all God’s moral laws, especially those against fornication and sodomy–and the big shots are surprised that this has bred a culture of lawlessness? Gee, how could that have happened?

At the rate they’re going, it won’t take an earthquake to put San Francisco out of business.

Kill the culture, and it’s gonna kill you right back.

Refuse to serve the true God, and you will surely wind up serving false ones.

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  1. Last night, as I was reading and comparing Matthew, Daniel and Revelation, I thought hard about the state of the world and this nation. We know we are in the generation of the fig tree, and we know the signs when we see them. Jesus was so loving, merciful and kind when He gave us these warnings and guideposts. Sadness gripped my heart for the people who may not yet be saved, and when I hit my knees, I prayed fervently for mercy until all the lost have repented and are saved. Our Lord is close – even at the door.

    1. Lol. I would probably be attack though by Antifa, too much “toxic masculinity” and Conservative and Christian and military Veteran vibes will give me away…

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