Has Anybody Seen My Newswithviews Column?

Thursday is supposed to be my big day, when my weekly column appears in Newswithviews.com . Only this Thursday it hasn’t, resulting in a sharp reduction in traffic to this blog.

In recent weeks NWV has come under cyber-attack: you try to go there, and you get a “Potential Attack Page” warning. NWV says it’s because they’ve supported Donald Trump for president. But I don’t think you have to do that, to provoke the leftids to try and shut you down. I’ve written for conservative sites that have been hacked. Some were damaged. One was put out of business–after first trying to appease the leftids by avoiding discussion of certain topics. They should’ve known better.

As we can easily see by what’s been happening on collidge campuses, the Left in America would love to silence everybody but themselves.

I don’t know where my NWV column is today. Writing it was hard work. I hope to see it in print one of these days.

4 comments on “Has Anybody Seen My Newswithviews Column?

  1. Reposting this comment from NWV:


    NWV is being labeled as an attack site. Next, we are accused of having Malware. Our computers are scanned for Malware daily. Our server was checked for Malware by our hosting company. Non were found and we received a clean bill of health. Yet, the lies continue. It all started when Kelleigh Nelson started writing pro-Donald Trump articles. Google is doing this to us to stop Trump. Read this article published by InfoWars 12-31-15.

    This whole thing is made up to scare people so they can’t read pro-Trump articles. Big tech giant Google is out to stop Trump articles from reaching your eyes. We are seriously considering a lawsuit against Google. If there is an attorney interested in this case, please contact us. Donation to help us with legal fees are greatly appreciated. Click Here to Donate. Thank you. (541-955-0117)

    If you are blocked from reading NewsWithViews articles. Here is what you can do in the meantime to fix the problem.


    To Fix that, click on the 3 bars on the upper right side of your browser
    then click on OPTIONS
    Then click on SECURITY


    To Fix That, click on the 3 bars on the upper right side of your browser
    Then click on SETTINGS
    Go to bottom of the page and click on SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS
    Scroll down to PRIVACY

    High-Tech giants like Google take it upon themselves to determine which sites are dangerous and which are not. They can label any site they wish as dangerous, even if they’re not.

    The truth is there are dangerous sites and one has to use caution. We recommend that you only visit trusted reputable sites. Do not visit or click on links on sites that you are not familiar with.

    Google and Obama an Endless Love Relationship

  2. Yes, that has been a real nuisance to me, too, but I am sure we are going to run into a lot more of this nonsense as time goes on. The led-by-satan group is fighting all truth with no holds barred. We have to resort to prayer, Scripture, faith in the One who is in control, and find ways around all this nonsense.

  3. I disregard the warning of Malware, it is a hoax from Google leftist, My Mac lap top would not let me go there is there was danger, I click on ok and the NWV comes up and some article also try to block you, but use the same method of entry to the article. It is only half secure to keep you away, there should be a law suite against Google for doing this. They are trying to shut down NWV for sure. Keep your articles going to NWV as we can still read them by knocking down the door with a door buster.

    1. The problem today was that NWV didn’t publish my article. And no one there has answered my email, so I don’t know what’s what.

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