Uncle Shinbone’s Counting Your Views

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here, and that’s Uncle Shinbone munching on a well-earned leaf. We put him in charge of counting the views yesterday, and he did it–325 views. Not bad! Sort of a late-2018/early-2019 number. Much better than what we’ve had here lately. And some of you strongly suspect there’s something wrong with WordPress’ view-counting. Well, they’d never admit it, would they?

Anyhow, Uncle Shinbone is back on the job today, trying to get three days in a row with 300 or more views. He thinks there’ll be more views if he counts them than if I do.

Editor’s Note: I’ve called in sick to Newswithviews this week–no column. I’m tired, I’ve got problems on this blog, I’ve got a book I want to finish writing before the cold weather sets in–and oh, yeah, a trip to the bank today! This is supposed to be the very last thing we have to do to finish off Aunt Joan’s now-penniless estate. Get a copy of the final check and it’s free, free, free at last! (If you ever want to really stick it to somebody, make him or her the executor of your estate. This is especially fun when there’s no money left in it.)

Byron’s Note: I hope nobody thinks it was me, bailing out on Newswithviews. Quokkas never bail out. No, that was Lee. The prospect of finally being done with his aunt’s estate has made him a bit delirious.

Has Anybody Seen My Newswithviews Column?

Thursday is supposed to be my big day, when my weekly column appears in Newswithviews.com . Only this Thursday it hasn’t, resulting in a sharp reduction in traffic to this blog.

In recent weeks NWV has come under cyber-attack: you try to go there, and you get a “Potential Attack Page” warning. NWV says it’s because they’ve supported Donald Trump for president. But I don’t think you have to do that, to provoke the leftids to try and shut you down. I’ve written for conservative sites that have been hacked. Some were damaged. One was put out of business–after first trying to appease the leftids by avoiding discussion of certain topics. They should’ve known better.

As we can easily see by what’s been happening on collidge campuses, the Left in America would love to silence everybody but themselves.

I don’t know where my NWV column is today. Writing it was hard work. I hope to see it in print one of these days.