The Results (Eh?) of My Experiment

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As I mentioned yesterday, throughout the ten-year history of this blog, we regularly picked up a few new followers every week. That’s how we got to 1,700 of them.

But we have added NO new followers since May 11.

Yesterday I asked for readers to try to follow this blog. Just click the “Following” button on the bottom right-hand corner of the page. The results:

Zero new followers.

Zero comments from anyone who tried to do it and it didn’t work.

Zero comments from readers who tried it and were told it worked, without any sign of it happening on this end.

And of course the viewership numbers are way below what they used to be. It’s very, very frustrating.

I’m convinced Big Tech is messing with us to cut conservatives off from one another, to silence us without resorting to out-and-out banning, because that might be a step too far and might force Congress to take action. Probably the only thing to do would be to somehow get this blog onto one of the new platforms that isn’t owned by the Far Left fascists at Google.

Please, somebody, let me know–have you tried to follow this blog, and weren’t able to do it? What happened when you tried?

Are We in North Korea?

North Korea to cut communication lines with the South -

Throughout the ten-year history of this blog, we’ve picked up a couple of new followers every week. That’s how we wound up with 1,700 of them.

But in the past several weeks, no new followers at all. Not even one.

What happens if you try to follow me? Do they tell you they’ve made the connection for you–only it doesn’t show up at my end? Is Big Tech trying to cut off our communication with each other? Go ahead, tell me that would astonish you.

It’s like we just woke up in North Korea.

I wish a few of you would help me in an experiment. Just click whatever you need to click to follow this blog, and let’s see what happens. And please tell me if you’ve tried. If I hear from five new followers, but my follower stats remain totally unchanged, I’ll know something’s fishy.

Note: There is a “Following” button in the lower right-hand corner of this page.

I don’t think they’re letting us follow each other’s blogs.

Let’s try to find out.

Have We Been Canceled?

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You know that feeling you get when you step into quicksand and it suddenly sucks you down? Well, all right, you probably don’t know that feeling.

For all of November and December, and the first half of this month, this blog was cruising along, setting records, vews galore–and these last three days, glug-glug-glug! And I really have to wonder if some creepy little person out there has found a way to flatten our tires. Can they do that?

There is no question that they want to do it. Let’s silence everybody who’s not the Far Left Crazy! Because COVID!

Sorry if I sound a little paranoid. It seems to be the temper of the times.

Has Anybody Seen My Newswithviews Column?

Thursday is supposed to be my big day, when my weekly column appears in . Only this Thursday it hasn’t, resulting in a sharp reduction in traffic to this blog.

In recent weeks NWV has come under cyber-attack: you try to go there, and you get a “Potential Attack Page” warning. NWV says it’s because they’ve supported Donald Trump for president. But I don’t think you have to do that, to provoke the leftids to try and shut you down. I’ve written for conservative sites that have been hacked. Some were damaged. One was put out of business–after first trying to appease the leftids by avoiding discussion of certain topics. They should’ve known better.

As we can easily see by what’s been happening on collidge campuses, the Left in America would love to silence everybody but themselves.

I don’t know where my NWV column is today. Writing it was hard work. I hope to see it in print one of these days.