Donold Trump Reely Is Hittler!!!

Wel i sure lernt somethin this week, hear at collidge!

We had a lecchure by a guy from Indiea, a reel big Spiritule guy i think he is a Swammee his name was Brian Something (sory, i never did get how to spel his nayme) and he tole us Donold Trump he is the Re-in-Carnation of A. Dolf Hittler! Yiu has herd “that Donold trump” he is jist lyke Hittler, but i is hear to tel yiu that Donold Trump he reely is Hittler! that is” what the Swammee he sayed.

Now i had me a bigg promble with this hear thing at first becose we is all Interllecturals hear at the Collidge and we dont beleave in no After Lyfe or the sole or nothing like that so how can thare bee any Re-in-Carnation or stuff lyke that?? Wel my prefesser he sayed that no mater it is OK to be Spiritule as long as yiu is not a christin whoo hats Gay Peple and dont want to let no wimmim have a bortion iff she wants one. So yuo “see he sayed” this Swammee he dont beleave in God and he is nott a christin “so” he almose is a interllectural like us!!

This it explanes wyh Donold trump he reely so bad becose he istnt Donold trump at al but “he” is reely A. Dolf Hittler! And thare was some dop whoo tryed to argue abuot it but wile he was arguin i went out side and i let the ayre out of al his tires ha ha!

wel it shuld ohgt to bee aginst the Law to be voteing for anyboddy whoo is Donold trump or any ohther Repulbickan and the goverrmint it shuld wach and seee whoo yiu vote for and if yiu dont vot for Hillery or Berny yiu shuld go to Jale!! And then we wuld havve reel Demockracy!

6 comments on “Donold Trump Reely Is Hittler!!!

  1. well, good for us. The interelecturals (sp) will git us stratened out if we just lissen, right?

  2. No doubt! I suggest the song; Come Holy Spirit by Brian Duncan, written by Gloria Gaither and Robby Buchanan. It always soothes my soul, hope it will do likewise for all.

  3. So, do you think that it’s good that Donald Trump is Hitler, or is it bad, Joe Collidge?

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