Bill Nye the Ignorance Guy Defends Abortion

Taking time off from his campaign to have people thrown in jail for not believing in Man-made Global Warming–er, Climate Change when it’s cold outside–former kids’ TV star Bill Nye “the Science Guy” drew on his vast reserve of ignorance to defend abortion. Or rather, to attack opposition to abortion as “a deep lack of scientific understanding” ( )

Nye railed against “your interpretation of a book written 5,000 years ago… [which] makes you think that when men and women have sexual intercourse, they always have a baby.”

Obviously this man has not even a nodding acquaintance with the Bible, which is full of examples of men and women who could not succeed in having a baby no matter how many times they tried. When God, through Isaiah, said “Sing, O barren,” (Isaiah 54:1), He was comforting those people.

Nye’s objection to the Bible appears to be based on 1) its age–as if truth had a shelf life–and 2) his total unawareness of what the Bible says. He’s also a bit confused about basic biology. He laments that “it’s hard not to get frustrated with this,” meaning opposition to abortion.

Hey, Bill! Maybe the government ought to jail Abortion Deniers, too.

It’s hard not to despise an arrogant ass like this, but as Christians we ought to try. We ought to pray that this lost soul hears God’s voice before it’s too late for him to profit by it.

Meanwhile, it’s just another sad example of America’s stupidest smart people trying to debase our culture beyond the point of revival.

4 comments on “Bill Nye the Ignorance Guy Defends Abortion

  1. They say that ignorance is bliss. This guy must be ecstatic! And I echo your prayer for him and all the other ignoramuses out there.

  2. Amen, Linda. It is sometimes difficult to even feel sympathy for such people, but when you stop and think of the end result of their unbelief, it is enough to make you want to cry for even jackasses like this. They are so deceived and in for such horrible shock.

    1. You’re right, Erlene, but as we know, Our Lord commands us to do so.

  3. *Sigh* and I used to watch his show as a kid. The whole point of the video is about attacking Christianity. Of course he would never criticize the Koran this way. Christianity elevates human life, the same can’t be said for atheism.

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