I’m Back (Finally)

If there’s anything likely to slay me on the spot, it’s a long spell in a doctor’s waiting room–and believe me, you wait in a waiting room: nothing was ever more aptly named–with daytime TV on the television set. I mean, really, why do they have to have TV in a doctor’s waiting room?

It is a mystery to me, how they contrive to make daytime TV so frightfully awful. The shows are all the same: maniacal worship of celebrities, frantic praise and applause for every little thing done by a celebrity, with here and there a quiet moment for the dispensing of some tiny tidbits of conventional PC poppycock. Like, “I’m with Madonna on this one–it’s time for the oppression of women to stop.” Yeah, Madonna is one of the oppressed.

But the low point, truly, was the sneak preview of a clip from J. Lo’s hot new music video, I Ain’t Yo Momma. You would’ve thought it was the cure for cancer, the way they carried on about it. I had to keep telling myself, “Really, this is not as bad as a toothache.” It only seemed as bad as a toothache.

I can’t help it: this is something that drives me positively bats, plays the devil with my blood pressure, is surely bad for me, and I just can’t seem to avoid it anymore. I hate going to the doctor.

Ah, well–post another hymn, Lee, and try to calm down.


7 comments on “I’m Back (Finally)

  1. You’ll get no argument from me. I wholeheartedly agree! Hopefully your visit was worth all the hassle. And I sure hope the rest of your day proves to be much calmer.

  2. I agree, Linda. And Lee, I am totally in agreement with you on your view on TV. It drives me up the wall. I try to stay as far as I can from a TV set at all times. The only program I kind of like, or at least tolerate, is Jeopardy. The people are intelligent, knowledgeable and practice decent decorum instead of behaving like kindergarten brats at a kids party. The news is not really news, sports- I hate them, drama- sick.

    1. And to think–once upon a time, American TV offered “Columbo” and “Wagon Train.” But that’s goin’ back a ways.

    2. My favorites were Hopalong Cassidy and Fury (I suppose because I’m an animal lover) 🙂

  3. Well, a 4 hour wait at the Veterans hospital for a routine 5 minute eye exam is usual, so – I take a tablet to get on the internet, crossword puzzles, something to eat, earphones to block the TV, a book to read, a pocket chess computer, etc, etc, etc. I AM PREPARED!!

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